Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande - Theunis Marinho

Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande - Theunis Marinho

Learn the powerful lessons of a Brazilian who faced obstacles and became president of a multinational.

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The pressure for results in the highly competitive job market, and the resulting stress discourages the journey towards success. Theunis Marinho narrates in his autobiography "Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande" what he did to circumvent these difficulties and achieve his career goals.

Here, in this PocketBook, you will find lessons on entrepreneurship, leadership, and understand the importance of dedication to achieve your dreams.

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About the book "Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande"

The book "Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande" was published in 2016 by Theunis Marinho.

The author narrates his entire history from childhood in the small mining town of Alto Rio Doce to life in icy Germany. During striking situations experienced at various times in his career, Theunis compiles the lessons he has learned from facing obstacles and challenges as he climbs to success.

About the author Theunis Marinho

Theunis Marinho is an administrator, coach, and mentor for CEOs. During his professional career, he worked for more than 28 years in the Bayer group. There he held the positions of president and regional director of Latin America.

In addition, he was the director of the São Paulo State Chemicals Industries Union (SINPROQUIM) and president of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources of the State of São Paulo (ABRH-SP).

He is a graduate of Erickson College and Integrated Coaching Institut (ICI) and is an associate of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

To whom is this book indicated?

The content of the book is ideal for you who like biographies that are responsible for influencing people in the corporate environment. In addition, content is for you who want to achieve success in a solid and sustainable way.

Main ideas of the book "Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande"

  • Dream big and make challenging plans for the future;
  • Do not delegate your destination to third parties;
  • Learn to say no;
  • Cultivate constructive relationships;
  • Consider the consequences of your actions before you put them into practice.
  • Learn from mistakes because they are great "teachers";
  • Do not postpone solutions to your problems.

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[Book Summary] Sonhar Alto, Pensar Grande - Theunis Marinho

Overview: Loneliness in Corporate Everest

During the narrative of his story, Theunis Marino compares building a successful career with a climb to the top of a large mountain, which he considers to be the "Corporate Everest."

Most people who climb the mountain often believe they have reached the top and settle down, so only the most determined and committed people achieve success.

This is the loneliness cited by the author, the pressure for results, and the ongoing demands that are restricted to the boss's isolated room. This loneliness must be countered by establishing a greater closeness of the leader with the rest of the company tin a unique environment without walls, making the entire team closer.

Finally, the author considers it perhaps the greatest lesson he has learned in more than 28 years at Bayer Corporation that on the outside, the culmination of his career is very charming, but inside it is pure solitude and seduction. So it is creating a dangerous distance.

Overview: Adaptation, Resilience, Focus, and Objective

The adaptability of the author was being built from an early age. At the age of eight, Theunis Marinho had already lived in six cities, because his father, also named Theunis, always willing to solve problems in the Bank where he worked, was constantly changing cities.

During the "eight winters" he spent in Germany and business trips to over 50 countries, the author learned that change is stimulating and necessary for those aiming to succeed.

Resilience was another trait he had to acquire along his journey. Graduating in night management and working at Halles Bank during the day was not a big problem, it was difficult to overcome the difficulties that life established.

Theunis majored in Business Administration without all the hype that college life can represent. Most students in her class also worked during the day and had no time for parties.

Already work at Halles Bank began to get intense, and the young man began manually taking care of all payrolls, for those who had no experience, was a difficult activity. Soon, he became responsible for the Department of Costs and Budgets.

From these difficulties, Theunis took one more lesson: always knowing how to overcome oneself, enhancing one's strengths and improving one's weaknesses. When you want and are motivated, everything is learned.

When a new director was hired by Halles Bank, Theunis realized it was time to leave, the new boss was more concerned with flaunting his assets, and eventual bank liquidation was inevitable. By the time this happened, Theunis had already resigned and was hired by Bayer.

"If you, at any time in your career, show these signs, don't wait for hell to come to you. Don't let yourself be swallowed by it."

Early in his career at Bayer, the young man realized that all the company's directors were German, and if he ever wanted to get there, he would have to improve his language skills. That was when he started studying German on his own.

In a meeting with his boss, he uttered a few words in German. The boss, then surprised, let the young man leave every day 30 minutes before the end of work, and Bayer started to pay for his German course.

Overview: HR in DNA

For much of his career, Theunis has worked in Human Resources management and directorship positions, which has led him to conclude that what sets companies apart is people.

Another important point is that you maintain your convictions so that you do not commit injustice due to the power with which it is invested in yourself.

Moreover, the author concludes that everything in life comes at a price, especially success and that in all situations it is necessary to assess the risks, whether in personal or professional life.

Overview: Keep Your Origins

During his life in Germany, Theunis received a proposal that could greatly facilitate his routine and increase the chances of career growth by obtaining a German passport. However, to do so would have to abdicate his Brazilian nationality.

Theunis refused to become a citizen of the third-largest economy in the world, as he said he would become a "fake German" like a Paraguayan whiskey.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Everybody Matters", the authors explore how true leaders must continually study to develop and develop those around them so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

In addition, employees should be encouraged to innovate and try new things, even if they fail. This makes them realize that managers have full confidence in their potential and their work. In the book, this practice is called "responsible freedom."

Brené Brown, in "Dare to Lead", says that a leader must take responsibility for recognizing the potential of people and their ideas and encouraging them to develop that potential. He knows that the true power is that shared with all.

Finally, for John C. Maxwell, author of "Leadership Gold", the best leaders are those who can hear. In addition, good listeners have the ability to understand what is going on and better see other people's strengths and weaknesses.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Given all the lessons learned throughout Theunis's history, we've listed 15 lessons for you to start applying in your daily life.

  1. Dream big and make challenging plans for the future;
  2. Do not delegate your destiny to third parties;
  3. Learn to say no when necessary and at the right time;
  4. Don't cultivate destructive relationships. They are epidemic;
  5. Discipline yourself with positive thoughts. Life gets smoother;
  6. Consider the consequences of your actions before you put them into practice;
  7. Cultivate your friendships, even if they are fleeting;
  8. Learn from your mistakes. They are great "teachers";
  9. Do not suffer in advance;
  10. Don't erase your past. He is your deepest foundation. To deny it is to become a "counterfeit individual";
  11. Don't postpone the solutions to your problems. Solve them by respecting the time and everyone involved;
  12. Forgive those who have hurt you. You will vacate spaces to fill them with good things;
  13. Always study;
  14. To err is inevitable;
  15. Have a good mood.

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