Sorria, Você Trabalha Aqui! -  Analisa de Medeiros Brum

Sorria, Você Trabalha Aqui! - Analisa de Medeiros Brum

Learn how to apply endomarketing campaigns in your company and ensure the happiness and productivity of your employees.

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Sometimes, one of a company's biggest challenges is not related to results. When employees are demotivated, the company's productivity can drop dramatically. And bringing back the motivation deserves attention and dedication, especially from the owners of the company.

Endomarketing is a type of strategy that works with the internal public. It encourages transparency and internal communication between employees and the company. Endomarketing campaigns aim to empower employees about their potential, making the company's actions present better results.

Don't think that this is an attitude that should come from within your team; it should come from the company, that is, from you!

About the book "Sorria Você Trabalha Aqui!"

The book is a collection of 500 insights created by the author Analisa de Medeiros Brum for a company to improve the productive performance of its employees.

Launched in 2012, the work has tips that aim to instigate the directors and direct them to change.

It starts from the method of endomarketing and internal communication and the results of these insights extend to the development and improvement of the techniques of the team as a whole.

About the author Analisa de Medeiros Brum

National reference in endomarketing, Analisa de Medeiros Brum is the author of several works, such as "Endomarketing from A to Z". She took part in the creation of internal communication processes in huge Brazilian companies.

She is the founder and CEO of the endomarketing agency HappyHouse Brazil, which is considered the first and largest agency in the industry in Brazil.

In addition, she passes on her knowledge and changes the professional life of people giving lectures and seminars.

To whom is this book indicated?

  • Companies that want to value and engage their employees through endomarketing;
  • Companies that want to align the thought, attitude and work process of employees to the company's strategy also through endomarketing.

Main ideas of the book "Sorria Você Trabalha Aqui!"

In this summary, we point out some of the main insights about endomarketing, recommended by the author, in order to inspire companies to act to improve their organizational environment. Some of them are:

  • How a company can engage its employees;
  • How you can develop a leader and leverage it to maintain company/collaborators communication;
  • How to align your employees with the company's strategy.

Download the "Sorria Você Trabalha Aqui!" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Sorria, Você Trabalha Aqui! - Analisa de Medeiros Brum

Overview: "I'm glad I work here"

How can you, as a company, achieve maximum productivity if not all of your employees are satisfied? The answer is: you can't.

Your company may even have the best professionals in the world, but if they live in an environment where they believe they can't grow... Here's a tip: value yourself!

"Talent alone is not enough to win the game."

It is nothing new that talent alone does not guarantee success, the important thing is to make it happen. But how can we encourage these people who feel displaced to feel good and positive?

Firstly, Analisa Brum says that the company needs to change its attitude. Exiting the "benefit for the benefit" system is important for people to see the opportunities that are there waiting for them to be used. That's where the challenge is - and that's where the solution is.

Be inclusive

Working with the concept of "choice" in endomarketing can awaken motivation for those working in your company. Developing internal communication channels also generates a sense of inclusion.

The book "Sorria Você Trabalha Aqui" tells that you can stimulate the union of your team through get-togethers, or in the moments of the results with a "great uproar". These actions bring happiness and satisfaction to the employee in complying with the agreement made between both parties.

Be transparent in your results

Allowing employees to have access to the company's numbers makes them realize the importance they have. This action promotes a continuous process of motivation.

Come closer to their reality

How about you practice the proximity of the company to the employees at lunchtime, eating in the same place? Be part of the reality, show that they are as important as you are.

Walk through the company. Talk to your employees. Develop a closeness with them, they will develop an admiration for you.

Be grateful to your collaborators

Compliment. Say Thanks. Empower them. Show that you recognize the contribution of each of your employees. If possible, tell stories about the company, how it came about and got where it is today.

Making them aware of the difficulties and overcoming the company during their trajectory also engage employees to motivate themselves collectively. Besides, it awakens a sense of partnership among colleagues.

Launch promotions and sweepstakes

A good initiative to stimulate your employees is through the creation of internal programs. Analisa Brum recommends that you create a specific design and an appropriate concept to the subject.

Such a practice can develop the feeling of "exclusive benefit" that the employee will only have if he or she is working in your company.

Remember to visually differentiate your internal and external campaigns. Carelessness can compromise the internal public's efforts in both situations.

Overview: Aligning people to company strategy

A fundamental point to direct the results to high performance is to align your employees to the missions, values and purpose of the company. But where does endomarketing come into this?

Main internal communication channel: the leader

Remind them that the leader has a fundamental role in the company and should be the first and main channel of internal communication.

The other channels are also of great importance, but they should complement the leader's role.

Don't create ombudsman channels

This type of platform can disperse from its main purpose and, ultimately, only receive complaints.

Create a time in which people can express their suggestions, feelings and vision about a particular goal. Therefore, you will have a broad place for discussion, without them getting out of your control.

Establish an internal positioning

It is essential to adopt a conduct to be practiced by the company with the employees and it must be adapted to its objectives.

You can use the suggestions mentioned above and absorbed insights to define an inner positioning in which people will feel more included.

Value the company's profile

The author suggests to align the style of your campaigns with the profile of the internal audience and your goals.

Some companies combine it with a more relaxed style. On the other hand, there are companies that have a more dense purpose, that demand a more serious line and far from many visual details.

Enjoy the leader

The leader plays a vital role in the good organization of the company. Qualify this person, offering training, seminars in order to develop some abilities.

Therefore, when the company is going through a difficult situation, the leader can be a great communication tool for the team about this and other information.

The leader can still suggest good ideas about making decisions within the company. After all, this person serves as an intermediary between the company and the employees. Allow h to participate in the development of your strategy.

Organize meetings

Finally, hold alignment meetings. Discuss your company's objectives and results. Leaders can represent their areas and share their team's opinions.

Make sure that all your employees know what is going on and being discussed at the company.

What do other authors say about it?

Deepening the question of how to motivate teams and develop leadership, the book "Start with Why", from Simon Sinek, is for those who want to inspire others and succeed in their work. On this journey, the author highlights the importance of knowing his "why", that is, his purpose and his final mission.

Author of the book "Traction", Gino Wickman explores how successful entrepreneurs have an attractive and well-defined vision for their business. In addition, they know how to communicate this message to employees. From this, a guideline is created to be followed by everyone within the organization, always used to develop the solutions and guide the strategic actions.

Finally, Dale Carnegie, responsible for "How to Win Friends and Influence People", talks about praise as a way to influence: one of the strongest characteristics of human behavior is the desire to be valued by other people, we all like to receive praise and hear that we are doing a good job.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

A company that aims for its success is concerned with the satisfaction and achievement of its employees. Implementing internal communication channels is essential to stimulate the exchange of information.

Endomarketing campaigns can prove useful through videos of employee testimonials about their journey within the company, for example. This stimulates the interaction of its employees with each other, as well as promoting a more open and honest space.

The diagnosis of opinions and suggestions can be made initially by an expert. Then, people can express themselves more easily and without much tension.

It is worth mentioning that endomarketing and internal communication are strategies that work in interpersonal development and deal with human issues, and are not the only factors that generate totally effective results.

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