The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C. Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C. Maxwell

Develop, through this summary, your management techniques and become a true leader!

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Gaining a place in the leadership world is no an easy task. A lot of people believe that to achieve this world is necessary to make your vision the only true. Maxwell in this work explains how they are wrong.

It's crucial to have the ability to lead, and how to acquire this is what this book is about.

The author has created, through experiences of himself and of other leaders, 21 laws for you to become a exceptional leader, the one who walks and develops the team.

So as Maxwell advises, follow them and people will follow you. Keep reading to discover the steps to achieve this world.

About the book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership"

"The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership", launched in 1998, written by John Maxwell, shows how be a successful leader through real stories, following 21 laws.

This book, which was considered one of the great successes and best sellers of Maxwell, has in its new version, from 2015, 336 pages. It's divided into 21 chapters which are the 21 laws themselves.

About the author John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell, American born in 1947 in the city of Garden City, is specialist in leadership. He's the founder of Injoy Stewardship companies and EQUIP, pastor and also international speaker. He has trained many government leaders and renowned executives.

Maxwell's books already have more than 19 million sales, some of them on the New York Times bestseller list, such as:

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" is essential for all leaders or those who intend to be one. Here you will discover how a leader thinks, acts and inspires people around.

Main ideas of the book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership"

  • Your capacity of leadership limits your success;
  • Leadership is conquered;
  • You have to cultivate it everyday;
  • It's essential to plan and create your own path;
  • A leader have to keep a relations of trust and development with the team;
  • A person alone don't go anywhere;
  • The bigger the leader, the bigger the sacrifice.

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[Book Summary] The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C. Maxwell

Overview: The Limit Law

What Maxwell calls the first law is the reason why people achieve more success than others. The author analises that you capability of leadership limits you, that is, you can't have more success if you don't increase your capability.

There are people who are one step ahead. They go after success every day, in order to make their leadership capacity greater.

You can see an example of the limit law in your daily life. In the football world, if a team accumulates defeats in a row, the team coach is replaced. This is done to search for a person with a higher level of leadership, because it means a greater potential of organization.

Overview: The Influence Law

Leading is influencing! It can't be bought, it is won. That's is, the leaders are true influencers, capable of persuading people around them, by their causes and their objectives.

Always remember that, to command is not to influence, to impose your values is not to lead. As the author says, there is no way to demand leadership, only to conquer it.

Overview: The Process Law

To understand this law, Maxwell presents Larry Bird, American professional basketball player. Bird is known for the perfect shots does.

He have been training daily in the morning, making 500 pitches every day. Today Bird is in the Basketball League Hall of Fame.

The process law is: learn everyday. We can say that it's cultivated, you must engage in it day after day. John stated that to lead tomorrow, you must learn today.

Overview: The Navigation Law

A leader must always be one step ahead, seeing the events before they happen.

A leader has always to make a plan, not following a path, rather than creating one. According to Maxwell, anyone is able to guide the ship, but only the leader defines the course.

Overview: The Addiction Law

The book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" tells that the relations between a leader and its followers must rely on mutual commitment and collaboration.

This way leader should make things simpler for its time, and in return they should add value to the leader's project.

Overview: The Law of Solid Basis

This law is needed in all kinds of relationships. It's about trust and it's linked to the influence law, because in the long run it is very difficult to influence without trust.

So, guide your actions only in order to feed the confidence people keep in you.

Overview: The Respect Law

According to John C. Maxwell, a leader must respect and conquer the respect from the people who leave around, being them, family, friends or a team, establishing a relation based on harmony and kindness.

Overview: Intuition Law

You certainly have intuition in what you are strong. However, few people have the same about leadership.

Evaluate everything from the point of view of a manger is an irrefutable ability of who is in charge.

Maxwell points that, knowing what to do and when to do, even without having the information needed for it, is the intuition law.

Overview: The Magnetism Law

Do you want to find out what kind of leader you are? Look at the characteristics of your time.

In this view, if you would like them to have different qualities you must develop in them this ones. The magnetism law says that you are who you attract.

Overview: Connection Law

The work "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" explains that you have to create emotional bonds with people, after all, everybody tends to use emotion before reason.

Following the connection law will also help you with the law of respect, influence and trust.

Overview: The Law of the Inner Circle

A person doesn't get anywhere alone, so a leader and a team should walk together, for achieving better results.

In the author's opinion, you should surround yourself with people who helps you to get where you want to.

Overview: The Law of Strengthening

Value the work of your time and help them to develop, creating a path of success. It's also important to don't limit them.

Maxwell tells the story of Henry Ford. He's one of the founders of the Ford Motor Company.

Henry was so enamored of one of his Models that never wanted to improve it, and when his team made a prototype surprise he got really furious destroying the car with his bare hands.

Only years later Ford gave in to make an improvement in his car, however, was often technologically inferior to the models of his competitors, who was always improving. Henry's behavior was totally contrary to the law of strengthening.

Overview: Image Law

As a leader, you must act by getting visibility. This way, your followers will replicate your actions and will succeed as well.

In other words, people usually do what they see.

Overview: The Acquisition Law

India's fight for independence was suffered and delayed, but Gandhi had the support of the Indians, and with determination, he secured India's freedom. By supporting Gandhi, people adopted his vision, and through it, they succeeded in making it come true.

This is the fundament of the acquisition law, that is, the leader discovers the dream and then the people. As well as, people discover the leader and then the dream.

Overview: The Victory Law

Failure is unacceptable. Leaders face obstacles unceasingly, until the only way out is victory. Winning is what means the victory law.

Overview: Great Impulse Law

The author John C. Maxwell tells us that impulse is a leader's best friend. He emphasizes that a leader without impulse is a dead leader, and its organization as well.

The impulse can be decisive between winning and losing.

Overview: The Law of Priorities

Which of your activities are essential? Do you prioritize them?

Normally, people have some opposition in plotting their priorities, but a leader knows to how to prioritize the essential activities and be responsible for them.

The Pareto principle is a tip for you to follow this law. It consists in the ground that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes.

Overview: The Sacrifice Law

To exemplify this law, let's see the story of an individual who changed the world, Martin Luther King Jr.

The events began when a woman, Rosa Parks, refused to give up her seat, in a bus, to a white person.

With the Afro-American community, King led a boycott of the system in order to change it. He made great achievements in the civil rights cause, but began paying high for these changes. In the end, he sacrificed everything he had.

This is the sacrifice law: the greater the leader, the greater the sacrifice.

Overview: The Law of the Moment

This law consists of doing the right things at the right time.

This is the key for success, because the wrong action at the wrong time can only lead to failure.

Overview: The Law of Explosive Growth

In John's view you can have an explosive growth just following this law.

The main point is, if you want to increase your results, lead; if you want to multiply them, lead the leaders.

Overview: The Legacy Law

For what do you want to be remembered? What image of you do you want to leave in people's memories?

John Maxwell says that the lasting value of a leader is measured by its succession. The legacy must be able to take your values forward.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Everybody Matters", the authors explore how real leaders must continually study to develop themselves and the people around them, so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

The book "The Leadership Pipeline", from Pipeline Ram C., Stephen D. and James N, focus on the 7 leadership phases and the 6 transitions between them, that a leader must move to achieve an optimal level of management.

The Work "How to Win Friends and Influence People" brings a series of teachings on how to increase personal relationships. Deepening the law of solid foundation, which advocates the importance of gaining people's confidence to thereby influence them.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Well, now that you already know all laws, you can work them individually. Since several of them are interconnected, one law will help the other.

Remember that to get the process it's required patience and daily efforts.

So, are you ready to achieve your goals?

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