The Answer - John Assaraf, Murray Smith

The Answer - John Assaraf, Murray Smith

What does success mean to you? Is it possible to obtain it by the law of attraction? Discover how to use the powers of the mind and boost your earnings!

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We hope that with this summary of the book "The Answer", by John Assaraf and Murray Smith, you understand why even if you aim to be succeeded, you end up failing to reach your goals.

The main idea is: what you focus on, will expand. This simple sentence summarizes the idea worked on in this book, the Law of Attraction. Although the simplistic tone of this phrase, the necessary mindset shift involved is not.

The authors present practical tools that can be used to unlock the full potential of your mind and explore the powers of the subconscious in order to make your dreams come true.

Got interested to learn more about to reach success? Stay with us in his summary!

About the book "The Answer"

For Larry King, an American broadcaster and presenter:

"The Answer is the book that can transform your life."

The main objective of this work is to encourage the reader to use resources such as the Law of Attraction to create his business and develop a millionaire mindset. For this, it is necessary to reprogram the brain and reduce the learning curve.

About the authors John Assaraf e Murray Smith

John Assaf is the best-selling author of the books "Innercise: The new science to unlock your brain's hidden power" and "Having it all".

In addition, he is a recognized American expert in changing mindset and behavior. His testimony about his success was included in the film "The Secret".

The Israeli is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and specialist in the area of business expansion. He is also the founder and CEO of NeuroGym. In the past 25 years, John has developed 5 multimillion-dollar companies.

Author Murray Smith is also an expert on business expansion and an entrepreneur. Among the 13 companies he created, Indian Motorcycle, the second largest motorcycle company in the United States, is his biggest success.

To whom is this book indicated?

All people deserve success. So, if you are willing to learn how to get it and want to put that knowledge into practice, this book is for you. Especially if you want to start or leverage your business.

Definitely it is a book for those who needs some advices to grow in life through an effective business.

Main ideas of the book "The Answer"

  • The Law of Attraction is real and you must use it;
  • To change your mindset, it is necessary to use techniques to change your beliefs and control your thoughts;
  • You must learn how to set your goals so that the universe can help you make them real, but it's up to you to do them.

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[Book Summary] The Answer - John Assaraf, Murray Smith

Overview: The secret of success

John Assaraf was an immigrant from the Middle East living in a very poor neighborhood in Canada and always hanging out with the wrong people.

Murray Smith was diagnosed with a learning disability and his first job was cleaning sewers. However, they both found their way to success.

What is the secret?

Understanding that everything in the universe is energy and that thoughts influence matter.

This is the principle of the Law of Attraction. It shows that you attract what you think and therefore it is essential that you learn to create thoughts that serve you and your business. This is because your thoughts will resonate with the energies of the same frequency that are in the universe.

Thus, the universe obeys the law of cause and effect through the Law of Attraction giving you what you want. This does not mean that you should spend the rest of your days lying in your bed just thinking about the life of your dreams. Thoughts create, but you must act to happen.

If you believe that money is scarce, you will probably experience many financial difficulties. If you believe that the universe is abundant, you will tend to have an abundant life.

We can summarize what you should do: have a purpose, be patient and be active! So, with clarity and focus on what you really want, you will achieve success.

Overview: Changing your mindset

The six mental faculties are:

  • Willpower;
  • Memory;
  • Perception;
  • Reason;
  • Intuition;
  • Imagination.

For John Assaraf and Murray Smith, willpower is the common element of all people who achieve their goals, but it has a low frequency.

Imagination is the faculty with the highest frequency and the one that we often miss as adults.

However, if you want to have the life of your dreams, the first step is to imagine it. Of course, this is not the only factor needed, but it is very important.

Answer that question: 6 frogs were sitting on the bridge, one decided to jump. How many frogs are left?

The logic would say that 5, but the correct answer is 6. This is because deciding to jump is not jumping off the bridge. This catch actually reflects what happens in our daily lives.

We often decide something, research about it and everything we need to do, but end up not doing it. A great idea that will continue forever in the world of ideas.

Imagining is not doing, it is asking the universe. But he gives you the tools, your dreams building depends only on you.

But if your current beliefs don't help you at all, how can you change them?

You can use your willpower, but this will result in momentary changes. That's because who really controls us is the unconscious mind, where thoughts are actually stored. What we need to do is create new pathways in the brain.

The brain has neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the nervous system to change, adapt and shape itself at a structural and functional level. Therefore, you need to reprogram your brain and get off autopilot, that is, your response pattern to certain situations.

This brain reprogramming can be done in 6 steps. For that, you need repetition and actions that have an impact.

Step 1 – Preview

You must have in your mind what you really want in your life. From that, make visualizations. Well, in fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be something visual.

If sounds, smells or sensations activate your thoughts and imagination better, use these mental triggers. But if you are really visual, you can use a frame with images of what you want.

Step 2 - Create powerful affirmations

Write strong and positive statements that represent the beliefs and capabilities you will need to realize your vision. Use, for example, "I am very confident" or "My business is full of prosperity and abundance."

Step 3 - Create emotional anchors

You need to create a link between your statements and your emotions. For that, remember a very important moment in your life. When you begin to feel the emotions and sensations of that moment as if they are occurring now, repeat your statements.

Step 4 - Prepare your neural impression material

This means creating a physical manifestation of your vision and your statements. It can be through images, printed and laminated texts, recordings or even subliminal messages.

Step 5 - Create a reprogramming routine

You should choose a fixed time when you are more tired or drowsy, that is, less focused. That's because we want to reach your subconscious without your conscious mind getting in the way.

Do meditation. If you are starting now, practice for 6 or 7 minutes and gradually increase this time. When finished, proceed to the visualization of what you want. See yourself living your dreams. To finish the process, repeat your statements.

Step 6 - Use neurotechnology

Use audios, subliminal videos, software that produces images on your computer with your statements in a subliminal way, among others.

In the early days of this process, you may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or anxious. Your brain will also question your statements, saying that they are not real, generating doubt.

All of this is normal and you must have persistence to continue. You should not try to convince your brain otherwise. Just accept that he will question and continue the process.

Overview: Improving your business

John Assaraf and Murray Smith explains that the first question you should ask yourself is: are you passionate about money or your business? The second is: Why do you do what you do?

Money is not a good motivator, but a strong purpose makes you get out of bed even on the most difficult days.

Define your purpose

To define your purpose and strengthen it, write down the answer to the following questions somewhere:

  • What is success for me? Begin your answer with: "For me, success means...";
  • What do I love to do and could be the heart of my business? Begin your answer with: "The business of my dreams is a means that allows me to do...";
  • What feelings do I want to feel as a result of my dream business? Begin your answer with: "Due to my dream business, I feel...";
  • Now, complete this sentence: "Due to my dream business, I get to the end of the day feeling..."

Set your goals

The next step is to establish your financial goals. Don't be afraid to dream big, honor your wishes, believe them. Set your goals for the one-year term as follows:


"Today is _______________ (one year from today) and I need to take a moment out of my busy day to reflect on all the incredible things that have happened over the past year and all the incredible places I have arrived at."

My dream business / My dream career is making a big difference in the world around me, because through it _____________________ (complete the sentence).

I now have a net income of R $ __________, an annual turnover of R $ __________, and I am donating R $ __________ to ____________ (name of the institution).

As a result of this extraordinary financial abundance, I now have and feel __________ (complete).

Inventory your resources

There are many forms of intelligence and you need to identify which one or which ones you have. They are:

  • Linguistic intelligence: associated with communication, expressing yourself and understanding what was said easily. People with this intelligence love to read, talk, listen and write;
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence: the ability to deal with mathematical operations and logical approaches. Whoever owns it loves to solve problems, connect elements and think sequentially;
  • Musical intelligence: it is the ability to understand and identify tones, timbres, rhythms and other elements of the sound. It is common in people from the music scene;
  • Visual-spatial intelligence: involves the ability to perceive and understand the world in 3D with precision. It involves spatial reasoning, creating and manipulating mental images and artistic skills;
  • Body-kinesthetic intelligence: it is the use of the body in a conscious and skillful way. It involves motor coordination, oculo-manual coordination and coordination between mind and body;
  • Interpersonal intelligence: involves the ability to perceive and understand people, their mood, feelings, desires and motivations. Involve the ability to communicate, listen, persuade and negotiate;
  • Intrapersonal intelligence: it is the ability to understand and know oneself, respecting your values, your desires, your limits and your motivation. People with this kind of intelligence love to spend time alone, lost in thought and developing;
  • Naturalistic intelligence: involves the recognition of fauna and flora, the easy understanding of nature and its living and non-living elements. This type of intelligence helped human development through the notions of hunting and planting.

After identifying your types of intelligence, you should make a list of all your achievements, from graduating to helping someone who really needed it. Now, make a list of all your strengths and abilities and another list of your weaknesses.

Create your business vision

Your unconscious does not work with the future, it only understands the now. So write what your business is (even if it doesn't exist), not what it will be like. Visualize in a vivid and emotional way. Imagine that your future is your present.

Use all the information you collected in the previous step to connect your business to you.

And, for now, don't worry about "How?". Just plant the right seed, take care of it and wait for it to germinate.

To succeed, you need five things:

  1. Find something that will feed your soul;
  2. Be excellent at this;
  3. Condition your mind to believe that you have it;
  4. Understand how you are going to make money from it;
  5. Act daily for this to happen.

You must understand who your ideal customer is, create a unique sales proposal and an elevator pitch. Look for people who help you to grow and pay attention to new technologies that can help you reach your dreams faster.

What do other authors say about it?

In "Life Changing Secrets", there are several lessons on success, and this is linked, according to the authors Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Joseph Murphy, to a personal plan that must be executed using the powers of the human subconscious.

In "Unlimited Power", Tony Robbins explains that usually a successful person walks in a more upright and imposing way, showing confidence and self-esteem.

Malcolm Gladwell, in the book "Outliers: The Story of Success", strengthens the idea that practical intelligence, that is, knowing how to say and what to say, culture, opportunities, generation and family history are more important factors that analytical intelligence to achieve extraordinary success.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Now that you have a step by step to understand who you are, what you want and how to achieve your goals. Start sending those desires to the universe and start taking action to fulfill them.

Moreover, don't forget to follow the 6 steps to change your mindset and, by this way, you will start getting better results in your business. Also, don't forget the Law of Attraction, it is the principle of all those teachings!

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