The Apple Experience - Carmine Gallo

The Apple Experience - Carmine Gallo

Learn how to multiply your revenue with Apple's secrets to win and keep incredibly loyal customers to your product.

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In this summary of the book "The Apple Experience", Carmine Gallo teaches about the key strategies Apple uses to create a unique customer service experience. The lessons in this book will make your business jump in growth and profitability by applying simple, practical concepts.

Knowing the answer to this question is the way to multiply revenue and make your business even better known.

Have you ever wondered how to attract more customers and make them loyal to your business?

Want to see the details? Come with us; we will explain everything!

About the book "The Apple Experience"

"The Apple Experience" by Carmine Gallo was published in 2013 by the publishing company McGraw-Hill.

This book features 258 pages that address Apple's strategies that make Apple a worldwide reference in customer service quality.

Carmine Gallo explains each of these strategies and points out ways that entrepreneurs and managers can follow on a daily basis.

About the author Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo is a business consultant, journalist, speaker and writer. This author stands out primarily for his work as a communications coach for world-renowned company leaders. These include Google, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. Other renowned books by this author are:

To whom is this book indicated?

Sellers, merchants, and customer service professionals generally seek to provide quality service.

The reading is also recommended for business owners and directors, as they must know how to handle admission and feedback from their employees.

Main ideas of the book "The Apple Experience"

  • Companies can't just sell things. They need to create an unforgettable customer service experience;
  • Hiring for personality, not just technical knowledge, the company can engage employees more easily;
  • Feedback provided by employees and customers should be viewed as a gift. It consists of the raw material that guarantees the quality;
  • Consumers don't care about a product or service. What matters to people is what your product or service can do for them;
  • Inconsistent service, salespeople create a stimulating and enriching experience for consumers;
  • To sell, the environment must be perfect. This involves giving full attention to design, aesthetics, and layout. Everything must be thought to make the shopping experience enjoyable.

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[Book Summary] The Apple Experience - Carmine Gallo

Overview: Enriching lives

Carmine Gallo begins by talking about Apple's vision and practices regarding its employees and the importance of customer service.

Build relationships

Apple never wanted to just sell things. The great mission of products and stores has always been to build relationships and improve people's lives. To provide an unforgettable customer service experience, the first step is to count on inspired and engaged employees.

Jobs has always believed that only accomplished people convey the company's commitment to providing the best customer service. The sense of accomplishment enables sales and service teams to achieve their goals naturally and steadily.

Invest in experience

A great lesson from Steve Jobs is that a business should never compete only for price. You need to invest mass in the consumer experience. According to him, it is this practice that enriches lives.

To make the customer experience unforgettable, Apple conducts ongoing training in which every last detail is considered. Jobs always knew that people don't want to buy computers; they want to know what they can do with them.

Obsession for the details

Carmine Gallo mentions that Jobs has always been obsessed with details. This is not just about product design and presentation, but it also covers the entire customer service process. At Apple, every detail never goes unnoticed. The goal is to ensure an enriching customer experience.

Overview: Personality surpasses technique

This part shows what Apple values most when it comes to hiring employees and treats feedback (from employees and customers) as a raw material for quality.

Hire by personality

Apple does not hire its employees for their technical expertise, but for their personality. The author mentions that the most valued candidates are those who understand people more than computers.

Company leaders bet on those who like to teach people. During the selection process, there is no barrier to appearance, age, gender, color, sexual orientation, etc. Even nowhere is diversity as evident as in an Apple store.

Fearlessness and confident attitude

"The Apple Experience" mentions that Apple leaders value fearless employees who can stand up for their own ideas even to the most important directors. Fearless people often take the problem for themselves and seek to develop alternatives to solve it.

Another aspect of this company's employee culture is to foster a confident attitude toward customers, managers, and other superiors. Building and building trust creates an environment in which employees feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

Multiple tasks and decision power

Carmine Gallo explains that Apple employees while serving multiple people at the same time, make customers feel fully served and personalized. This result is possible because the company develops people capable of performing multiple tasks in a natural way.

Another feature of Apple's leaders is that they give employees the power to make decisions. Such decisions must be made according to the context of each situation. The main objective is to maintain a long term relationship with consumers.

Overview: Secrets Revealed

In this part of the book "The Apple Experience", Carmine Gallo reveals Apple's 5 Service Secrets, applied in employee training, and mentions another powerful sales strategy.

The secrets

All Apple employees must master the 5 essential steps to maintaining high-quality customer service. These steps are:

  1. Approach consumers with warm and personalized welcome;
  2. Politely seek to understand consumer needs;
  3. Point out a solution to the problem and present it to the consumer so that he does not return home empty-handed;
  4. Remember to always listen and solve any questions or problems;
  5. Say good-bye to customers, always with an invitation to return to the store.

Sell the benefits

In addition to the 5 essential steps in serving Apple, the author mentions that Apple follows another golden rule: selling benefits. Apple employees never talk about specifications. Their focus is on the benefits.

Salespeople focus on the needs of consumers and how the product or service will improve their lives. Jobs always knew that nobody cares about a product or service. What matters to people is what your product or service can do for them.

Overview: Creativity and experience

Here, the author tells how Apple does to create an unforgettable experience for consumers across the globe.

Stimulate creativity

One of the missions of Apple sellers is to stimulate the creative potential of consumers. To do so, they inspire new discoveries and offer all the necessary guidance. One of the tactics of salespeople is to get people to constantly touch the devices.

Have a script

Although Jobs's brilliant presentations lasted a few minutes, they always followed a script. This same caution is observed in Apple's marketing and sales stance. Every business strategy begins with developing key messages for each product and service.

Consistent experience

In every Apple Store around the world, you find friendly employees. They are always committed to creating a stimulating and enriching experience for consumers. The goal of Apple's leaders is to tighten ties between the retailer and the consumer, not just get them to buy the products.

Jobs has always valued stimulating communication that can bring out the best in people. For him, sales failure often occurs due to boring communication.

Overview: The perfect environment to sell

"The Apple Experience" explains how to build the perfect environment to make the consumer experience unforgettable.

Attention to the details

It was no coincidence that Steve Jobs was always obsessive about the details. The design, aesthetics, and layout of an environment are critical to making people feel comfortable and want to return.

Consumers formulate their opinions about a product or service based on the impression the company generates. As much as your company offers the best product or service in terms of quality, customers will not pay attention if they are poorly presented.

Eliminate the mess

Apple stores are remembered for their minimalist design and open spaces. To focus on the customer experience, customers value simplicity and elegance.

Eliminating the mess and distractions also involves keeping the environment clean. For Apple managers, one of the items that deserve the most attention in the store is cleanliness, which is always impeccable. All of these details are used to turn merchandise into a pleasurable experience.

An enriching experience

In an Apple store, everything is designed and connected so that consumers have an enriching experience. Stimulating consumer involvement with the shopping experience is essential for sales. That way, people don't just feel like taking money out of their pockets to get something.

By feeling that their lives have been enriched, people naturally buy the product or service offered. This is one of the secrets of Apple's success.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Inside Steve's Brain", Leander Kahney states that one of the causes of Apple's success is that Steve Jobs puts the best user experience on top priority.

Already in "How to Sell When No One Is Buying", author Dave Lakhani advises: If you are not selling, try to improve your approach. In tough times, bad salespeople give up and open opportunities for the most creative and efficient salespeople.

Finally, in "The Sales Bible", author Jeffrey Gitomer advises that the most important and fundamental tool for any sale is your mind. Self-confidence is the key to controlling it, if you don't believe you, no one will.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Once you've learned about Apple's strategies, you can now apply these practical tips:
  • Invest in enriching the shopping experience offered to your customers.
  • When hiring employees or leading people, consider personality factors, not just technical/theoretical knowledge;
  • Make a list of all the benefits your product or service has on people's lives;
  • Provide ongoing training for sales and service teams to provide consumers with a pleasant shopping experience;
  • Organize the store or business environment so that it becomes welcoming and conducive to delight people;
  • Be aware of the details related to the design, aesthetics, and layout of the environment.

Did you like this summary of the book "The Apple Experience"?

Which of these lessons will you apply to your work? Remember that for even better results, you need to have this book as a practical guide that should be consulted constantly.

Therefore, our tip is that you get the complete work available on Amazon. This is how you will learn how to win and keep customers loyal to your business.

Book 'The Apple Experience'.