The Biz - David Freemantle

The Biz - David Freemantle

Leadership is not a position but action! Discover here small steps to be a successful leader and inspire people to always do their best.

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What are the good examples you give in the company? Do people see you as an inspiration? How to become a better leader in business life? David Freemantle explains everything about leadership in the book "The Biz".

Maintaining a motivated and productive team is no easy task anywhere. As with any other aspect of life, in the professional world, things change fast and very often. Therefore, you need to be aware of changes and how they impact your team.

In this summary, you will learn some practical steps that can be quickly applied in your daily life to make your team more engaged and ready to do their best.

Got interested to be a great leader for your employees through little changes in your behavior? Stay with us in this summary!

About the book "The Biz"

"The Biz: 50 Little Things to Make a Big Difference to Motivation and Team Leadership" (2008), is a short 140-page compilation listing 50 tips on team leadership and motivation.

The work is divided into different sections, each encompassing some steps the book sets out to provide. Each begins with a brief introduction to the topic to be addressed.

And at the end of each chapter, the author presents a practical step to follow and a tip, which can be applied in the reader's daily life, making the content more palpable and practical.

About the author David Freemantle

David Freemantle holds a Ph. D. in chemistry from London University. He is a reference in the business world. He wrote the bestseller "What Customers Like About You," among over more than 10 other business books.

In addition to his books, the author is known primarily for his lectures and workshops on customer service and leadership themes.

After 15 years of a successful career as a production manager at large companies, David founded a leadership training consultancy, Superboss. It now has offices around the globe and its founder travels the world with his teachings.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you lead day-to-day teams, regardless of the position or company you work for, this book is for you.

Reading is also suitable for those who need to motivate people on a daily basis and depend on the outcome of a team.

The book brings important insights and tips for everyone who wants to become successful and inspiring leaders.

Main ideas of the book "The Biz"

  • The secret of success lies in daily actions;
  • To be successful in business requires time and energy in understanding human beings;
  • Great leaders are dedicated to helping others discover their true talents. The idea is for everyone to win;
  • Succeeding in business depends solely on your performance;
  • Team spirit drives us and keeps us active;
  • We need to learn to move with the world and even to take the lead in this change.
  • To be a leader who inspires and motivates people, it is required an expressive and interesting personality.

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[Book Summary] The Biz - David Freemantle

Overview: Discover your true talent

David Freemantle says that a good leader should work to help everyone discover and develop their talents to reflect on those around them.

In a project, the boss must put into practice 12 basic principles of motivation and leadership. Here are some of them.

Be an example

To be a good leader, every boss must be an example of factors such as punctuality, friendliness and courtesy, dedication and a positive attitude. You should strive to always have the best possible result and exceed expectations.

The author further points out that:

"The example cannot be imposed, it has to be exercised, like everything else the boss does."

Customize your relationships

Every successful business is based on good relationships, involving both professionals and people.

The leader must seek to know each person's personal facts in order to be able to personalize each of their relationships. Being close and open to your superior motivates everyone in a team.

Show confidence in your team

"The Biz" states that every team needs to feel autonomous and confident in their performance to do a good job. And only a good leader can understand this necessary level of freedom and how to be willing to offer help even without undermining people's autonomy.

Teamwork is based on mutual trust, and when a company demonstrates that it trusts its employees' potential, they are much more motivated and feel the owner and protagonist of their results.

Encourage learning

It is essential to understand here the difference between training and learning. Training is an unconscious process that does not require much effort. Learning is the opposite of this, a continuous process that depends on great motivation.

A good leader is always motivating his team to learn and creating opportunities for it.

Overview: What really makes a difference


Davis Freemantle explains that It is important for the boss to be absent from time to time to stimulate the learning and maturity of his team. This is because they will be forced to become more independent and freer.

When their superior is present, employees tend to transfer decisions to him. When they have to make decisions on their own, they can show greater competence and creativity.

Celebrate any and every victory

Recognizing from small accomplishments to great achievements of those around you can bring you closer to your boss and your team, as well as motivating people.

Celebrating is driving the people involved in success. It is proving that achievements are recognized and seen much more than problems, which will always be there, wherever you go.

Clean the bathroom, sweep the floor to serve the customer

Keeping in touch with the reality of your team's work is critical and this can only be really achieved by performing their tasks.

Knowing that the boss really understands in practice what they are going through, employees become closer to the leader, changing the mood of the team.

Overview: Tips for good performance and team spirit

To be the best, take the initiative

A true leader is one who actually takes on the necessary responsibilities and solve the problems that must be solved. Do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

David Freemantle states that:

"A leader is one who aims to be the best in a given area and who takes the lead in achieving the goal set."

Praise regularly and only criticize when necessary

All people like to receive sincere and true compliments, especially about their work. Opportunities to recognize staff are not difficult to find, and these moments of recognition generate far more results in an employee's performance than complaints about what they did not do.

Identify what motivates people

Each person is motivated differently and by different stimuli. To understand the best drivers for improving team performance, the leader needs to know what piques their interest.

The book "The Biz" shows that this identification starts from observation, active listening, understanding, and encouragement.

Overview: Expressive and interesting leaders

Have a positive and happy attitude

The first step here is to understand what really motivates you and brings joy at work. With this self-knowledge, the leader can, and should, daily demonstrate his happiness.

Small positive demonstrations can be perceived in attitudes such as:

  • By greeting customers;
  • When meeting with employees;
  • When to ask for help in solving a problem;
  • When employees do something positive.

Motivate people with simple yet creative ideas

New ways to generate employee morale and willingness can and should be explored. No one is motivated to do the same things every day and the effect of any stimulus is temporary.

The best leaders are always researching and testing new ideas to make their teams motivated and increasingly productive.

What do other authors say about it?

In the recommended "Everybody Matters", the authors explore how true leaders must continually study to develop those around them, enable them to become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

Ed Catmull, the author of the book "Creativity, Inc", advises:

"Always give people more preference than ideas, because creative people create good ideas, but good ideas can be destroyed by bad teams."

Finally, Brené Brown, in "Dare to Lead", says that a leader must take responsibility for recognizing the potential of people and their ideas and encouraging them to develop that potential. He knows that the true power is that shared with all.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Make a difference, be the pioneer;
  • Think about motivate your team and what else you can do to recognize and reward your effort;
  • Just do it. Make a decision and stop consulting others - just let them know your decision;
  • Make it a habit, be honest, and tell your team members what you think of each of them;
  • Stop scolding people and list five good reasons to compliment your team;
  • Strive to create the right stimuli based on what inspires your employees;
  • Seek your own happiness in the workplace and don't forget to always show it.

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