The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? - Seth Godin

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? - Seth Godin

Get out of your comfort zone and learn that, in today's economy, daring is an art that will make you reach the highest levels and fly higher!

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If you consider yourself an invisible person and want to overcome conformity, then the book "The Icarus Deception", written by Seth Godin, was made for you.

According to the author, fitting into a predetermined model will prevent you from developing your creativity, self-confidence, leadership, and courage.

From there, he shows how to get out of the comfort zone, create art in business, and go in search of your dreams, with feeling, dedication, and connection with people.

Want to know more? Keep reading this summary and learn to make a difference!

About the book "The Icarus Deception"

"The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?" was written by Seth Godin and published in 2012. It brings a new concept of art, this time applied to business.

An ancient story of the character Icarus summarizes well what the book wants to convey: it is possible to fly high and not get burned. Leaving the comfort zone and thriving is a way of making art, this time, in the business world.

About the author Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a speaker, a specialist in the business world since the 90s, and author of several books, among them:

Seth Godin's lectures are successful on YouTube, as he is part of one of the largest companies in the world, Yahoo! , and was a pioneer in the world of digital marketing.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "The Icarus Deception" is recommended for managers, business leaders, and workers who are tired of sameness and want to embark on or leave the comfort zone. If you need encouragement and life-changing ideas, this work was entirely made for you!

Main ideas of the book "The Icarus Deception"

  • We are stuck in working models. Daring and leaving the comfort zone are the first decisions to be made;
  • Ideas are like the beginning of works of art, classified by the author Seth Godin as anything that moves you;
  • Don't be afraid to grow up. Not always reaching great highs makes you "touch the sun" and fall;
  • Nowadays, there is no security and stability. Use the weapons you have;
  • You won't be chosen by someone always, you need to choose yourself;
  • The concept of connection economy, where people are increasingly connected by the internet and less connected by the heart;
  • Your ideas for success may come from others;
  • Applause is not a measure of success;
  • Companies even look for talent, but shape them into their own models;
  • Everyone fails and needs to get up;
  • An artist is tireless and enjoys more and more challenges.

Download the "The Icarus Deception" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] The Icarus Deception - Seth Godin

Overview: Art, comfort zone, and the opportunity of a lifetime

The book's title, "The Icarus Deception", refers to an ancient story, where Icarus decided to disobey his father and flew very close to the sun, falling into the sea and dying. The author Seth Godin disputes the story and says that flying low is not always as safe as recommended by Icarus' father.

He explains that what makes us comfortable (such as flying closer to the sea) makes us safe, without realizing the difference between higher and bolder flights. This is no longer allowed and the comfort/safety zone has changed.

Nothing is safe and, even prepared, you can leave the scene, that in the business world and even in your personal life. For Seth Godin, the first step to being an innovative and "out-of-the-box" professional is not to align with those zones and create art.

As he explains in the book "The Icarus Deception", art is every shared idea that thrills and arouses feelings. Everyone can be an artist through study and a lot of commitment, so ordinary people can create great things, like art. It is a vocation.

With the advent of technology, people eventually moved away from each other, creating a new scarcity (of effort, physical resources, and emotion). And that's where you have fertile ground for creating connections, big, meaningful, and exciting projects.

Also, the author Seth Godin asks readers questions, especially, if you can take the first step and be different from the pattern implanted by capitalism and the industrial age.

Overview: Connection economy requires us to create art

The concept of connection economy which, in short, is presented by the author Seth Godin as a phenomenon brought about by the industrial age and has increased industrial production by connecting everything. Still, it doesn't replace the actual connections. It is at this moment that the requirement to apply art arises.

During the same industrial evolution, we accumulated "junk" over the years, according to the book "The Icarus Deception". The secret is to get around these irrelevances and focus on what really matters. Still, this junk is visible.

Capitalism and industry have changed our view of success. We always want security, stability, and we get into a standard dream model. We live daily with the hope that something will happen and everything will come true.

We forget that relationships and works made as art are relevant and edifying. We accumulate courses and concepts, but we forget the priorities.

For the author Seth Godin, there are attitudes that make an artist that are much more important than techniques:

  • Confidence;
  • Permission;
  • Notoriety;
  • Leadership;
  • Stories;
  • Character;
  • Connection.

Overview: Myths, propaganda, and Kamiwaza

From an early age, we are used to success stories that become myths and we end up dreaming the dreams of others.

This kind of information that influences us is passed on differently from advertising, which makes us a passive recipient, with no long-term benefits, just consumption. Then, we fulfill the niche's desires by buying.

Relating the two concepts, the author Seth Godin brings Kamiwaza, which was created by the Japanese to define when people act as gods and myths, being arrogant.

This is Kamiwaza. Seth Godin recommends that we adopt this conduct to achieve the goals and evolve, but without disrespecting people. That is, be hard on yourself.

Through these ideas, he brings in the book "The Icarus Deception" some habits that will help you to be a business artist:

  1. Sit in silence;
  2. Learn something new;
  3. Ask for feedback;
  4. Take time to encourage;
  5. Teach with the intention of change.

After these habits, the author talks about results, when we almost always demand applause for our success. Attachment to this is unhealthy and blinds us to understanding the importance of failure to achieve victory.

Overview: Coarse sand, art, and the work that is worth doing

Everyone has seen how coarse sand penetrates various surfaces and bothers. The sand is persistent, resistant. Artists make their work lasting and don't give up with unexpected obstacles, they resist. Some characteristics, such as coarse sand, are inherent to great artists:

  1. Perseverance;
  2. Resistance;
  3. Resilience;
  4. Ambition;
  5. Commitment;
  6. Flow (constancy).

Still, companies will want to shape you, adapt you to them. The system is a controller; it even wants your talent, but it will take it from you.

That leaves two options: one is to act despite fear, and the other is to blame the system. As explained by the author Seth Godin in his book "The Icarus Deception", in the second option you will sink further into the comfort zone and, in the first, you will discover the opportunity of your life.

Overview: Shame, vulnerability, and nudity

When we think of weakness, we usually remember the kryptonite, Superman's weakness, that makes him a normal man. Having feelings, such as shame and being vulnerable and naked before problems, doesn't destroy, it teaches.

As it is indicated in the book "The Icarus Deception", the cost of being vulnerable is shame, which paralyzes if we let it. This is because we believe that perfection must be achieved and this cycle gets sick.

The author Seth Godin gives a key tip to avoid these feelings if you can't handle them: avoid the critics. You will not please everyone.

Nudity of feelings is important in building a process of real connections with people. Don't be afraid. Be important to people, dedicate time to them, because making art is just that. It will never be perfect, but it will be worth it.

Overview: To create art, think like an artist. To connect, be human

In our whole life, we will find people who don't like our way of doing it. Still, making art is redoing it every day. In order not to lose focus, the author Seth Godin presents three foundations in his book "The Icarus Deception":

  • Learn to live;
  • Learn to do;
  • Start with a blank sheet.

In the end, you can always do what you want. For this reason, artists are usually tireless, they like this game of "ups and downs" and always look for more art.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Disrupt You!", Jay Samit says that innovative ideas have the power to transform the world and disrupt the system. For you to unleash a disruptive profile, you need to plan your goals and be susceptible to both internal and external changes.

The author Austin Kleon, in "Steal Like an Artist", reveals that you can do something authentic based on the ideas of those who inspire you. You can stimulate your creativity by leaving your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with people who support and add to your creative process.

Finally, in the book "Winning", Jack Welch says that we must always seek quality in our professional lives. If you are not satisfied with your job, find one that provides enthusiasm in your career, it is very important that you don't settle and leave the comfort zone.

But, when looking for a job, analyze the company as a whole: its team, tasks, salary, career plan, and more. And when starting a new job, try to exceed all expectations, always do your best.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Turn the key to creativity. Starting today, recognize if you are in a comfort zone;
  • Do you dream big? If not, start;
  • Art is everything you build with emotion for yourself and others. Dedicating yourself to a project you love can change your professional life;
  • Ignore the applause and don't wait for it. Make your own life and career model, focus on it;
  • Forget waiting to finally be chosen by the boss. You choose yourself when you are an entrepreneur, when you love a mission;
  • Understand what is important and what is not, forget the dreams of others and live yours;
  • Use your weaknesses to be a more human person;
  • Look for real connections;
  • Evolve your art daily, if necessary, redo it every day;
  • Dream big, even "touching the sun" is not wrong.

Did you like this summary of the book "The Icarus Deception"?

Being an artist is not just about painting pictures or being part of show business, but being emotionally involved with what you produce.

"Have you thought about looking at your projects with more love?"

What are your real connections with people?

To reflect: are your dreams yours, or did you steal from someone?

Have you, in fact, found your art? Was it a company, or a family project?

If these doubts aroused something for you, then take the first step.

We hope you enjoyed our summary and can apply the advice of the author, Seth Godin, to your life. Leave your opinion in the comments, your feedback is very important to us!

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