The Most Successful Small Business in the World - Michael E. Gerber

The Most Successful Small Business in the World - Michael E. Gerber

The company you are thinking of starting, or that you own today, could become the most successful small business in the world. Understand how new challenges can greatly increase your company's growth.

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Did you know that it is not so difficult to stand out in the market and make exorbitant profits with a small business? Just follow the teachings of the book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World", written by author Michael E. Gerber.

A good entrepreneur has great visions of what can be motivating and important to people. Here you will learn how to survive in the economy, as well as becoming an expert on how to be better.

In this work, you will learn the artifice needed to succeed, so that your entrepreneurial vision will change forever.

Read on and understand a little more about the valuable principles of Michael Gerber!

The book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World"

The book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World" was written in 2010 and is part of the 13 great business books written by Michael Gerber.

The book breaks down into 10 principles that are divided into chapters, in which they carry, in detail, tips and ideas for successful and efficient entrepreneurship.

Who is Michael E. Gerber?

Michael Gerber is an American author and founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies, a business skill training company located in California, United States.

He has over 40 years of consulting experience and 13 published business books - including the bestseller The Entrepreneur Myth.

Gerber was considered by the American magazine INC. as "the largest small business expert on the planet."

Why should I read it?

This book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World" is indicated for those who have a business of their own, as well as for those who are thinking of creating yours.

Also for all those who like to undertake entrepreneurship, they seek to know a little more about business administration and aim for success.

What are the key points of the book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World"?

  • You need to work your company, not just work at it;
  • The system is the solution because, without a different way of acting, it will be difficult to achieve prominence;
  • Instead of doing what you like, enjoy what you do;
  • Provocative questions push us away from a common mindset and into places, we have never been before;
  • If the idea you have in mind for your business is limited to work and income, it will suffer the consequences with you;
  • If you want to change your business, change its mind;
  • An enterprise is a system where all parties cooperate for success or failure;
  • It is necessary to understand the connection between the parts of the company, as well as their relationship with the world;
  • According to Gerber, when plants stop growing, they die. So it is with us, we must always grow, or we will die.

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[Book Summary] The Most Successful Small Business in the World - Michael E. Gerber

Differentiated Mindset is the Beginning of Everything

Viewing your business as a multinational is the first step you should take.

Start with visualization in mind of what you want to achieve, and move toward practical action on what to do to achieve the goal and what it will be like when it is done. It is necessary to have a total transformation of thought.

Gerber encourages the entrepreneur to change his mental model from where he leaves the territory of an executor to an inventor: he will be the creator of the company, not a task repeater.

Seeking new insights into your business, as well as looking into internal and external affairs, are essential to driving change.

The Company is a Pragmatic System

According to Michael E. Gerber, the company can and should be viewed as pragmatically and systemically.

It is possible to systematize anything if you can have enough resources and skills to see from a different perspective.

It is essential to see and analyze the enterprise from all angles, internal and external parts of the company, how they work, who operates them, how to improve.

For him, from clients, from the strategic, marketing, operations, to finances must work in harmony. Knowledge of simple operations such as cash flow should be known to the owner.

"A properly built small business can increase the equivalent of 10, 000 times its original size" is the first principle the author puts in his book "The most successful small business in the world", in which he states that having systematized the scope of the business, it is easier to achieve success.

The system is a collaboration of external and internal parts of the company, and each must collaborate individually with the others to form a whole.

Knowing other realities is crucial

Knowing other realities, different points of view, having different ideas and thoughts make up the new way of acting of the professional who wants to expand.

Marketing events that involve a considerable number of entrepreneurs (about 8, 000 usually) are vehicles for the emergence of new ideas, new contacts, and perspectives. Living with other entrepreneurs is vital for change.

As said by the author Michael E. Gerber in his book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World", every entrepreneur who is adept at a new mindset starts by seeing the company as a great system and must see it from the outside.

To see the company from the outside is to look at analyzing it by different means. Keeping in touch with other business realities can change your look.

Identification of Company Parts and Marketing

Does anyone consume the product I plan to create? Will anyone consume my product in the face of all the competition from other products in the market?

These are the primary questions. This is where everything will start to build something solid and sustainable in the long run.

No matter what market you're in, you need to know every aspect of your customer, from the gender and age of your target audience to understand how the customer thinks and what they want.

Knowing the customer is essential before setting up your business.

The ideal set out in the book is first to listen to the market and the profile of the target audience and then to understand it, and finally to address their need.

Marketing tactics and strategies are created within the company, divided into Strategic Part, Tactical Part and Operational Part. Strategy, marketing, operations, and finance are included in these sections.

7 Fundamental Rules

The author mentions in the book "The Most Successful Small Business in the World", 7 essential rules for Selection, Design, Construction, and Development of your business.

Rule 1: Choose the Most Common

Design and sell products that are best known to the public and will never go out of style, such as communications, transportation, food, among others.

"The innovation of the common creates extraordinary".

Rule 2: Always Try to Improve

Companies break up because they mostly choose to remain static. It is crucial not only to constantly improve just what you do, but the way you do it.

Rule 3: Listen to the Customer

You need to understand the feeling of being your customer, putting yourself in their shoes. Knowing who your client is makes all the difference.

Rule 4: Answer What You See, Hear, and Feel

If limiting yourself to just listening to your client will not bring you results, there must be a system where your employees must understand and communicate that system to each other, partners and investors.

Rule 5: Set the highest standards

Always strive to be the best establishment your customers have ever visited.

Their standards of service and organization must be so high that no other company will pretend to imitate them in the short term, and as the change must be constant, they will not be able to reach you in the long run either.

Rule 6: Write a Well-Elaborated Story

Have a story that everyone on the team believes. The story you create is the product of your company. First the company and then the story.

Rule 7: Live Your Story

The story you made up must be lived to its fullest. It must be lived in you, your team and everyone in the company.

Books about Business

In the book by Brazilian businessman Flávio Augusto, "Value Generation", he shows how, instead of just working for capital, it is also important to generate value for customers.

Creating value in other people's lives will create value for you.

The authors of the book "Built to Last", Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, found that most visionary companies did not start with a revolutionary idea that made them successful early on.

In fact, they had a slow start and eventually overpowered their markets.

In the book "Uma Trufa e... 1000 Lojas Depois!", Alexandre Tadeu says that liking what you do is a key factor in achieving happiness and fulfillment, both professionally and personally.

So, how can I make my company successful?

  • Taking pleasure in working in your business is essential to being successful;
  • Leave executor territory and become an inventor, use your imagination and modify your ideas;
  • Always try to improve, knowledge never hurts and makes a difference;
  • Being aware of how the market works, how your competitors act and knowing different points of view add up to the positive points in your journey;
  • Knowing the profile of your customers before starting a business is vital;
  • You need to listen to the market and the profile of the target audience, then serve it;
  • All parts of the company should work in harmony, complementing each other;
  • Strive to be the best establishment your customers have ever visited, so they will come back!

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