The New One Minute Manager - Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson

The New One Minute Manager - Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson

Learn a simple method that will make you, the manager, rethink your strategies and set goals in just a minute.

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In the book "The New One Minute Manager", the authors Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson tell the story of a young man who decides to look for and learn from the perfect manager.

For months, he does research and talks with people, but doesn't find the ideal example. Some were very nice, others were tough. They even won and profited, but the employees were not satisfied.

Until one day, he found a manager, not perfect, but assertive: the new minute manager. The symbol of that management was to solve situations in a single minute, can you believe it?

Now you are the one who will learn how a 60-second conversation can be transformative.

Ready to, like the character, become a new minute manager?

Keep reading this summary!

The book "The New One Minute Manager"

The book "The New One Minute Manager", written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, focuses on the importance of being assertive and quick in management routines.

The work is a bestseller first released in 1982. The success was so great that the teachings were renewed with the launch of the "new" one minute manager adapted to the 21st century and modern companies.

It sounds crazy, but a close look at your employees, for a minute, is what can reveal the solution you need.

Who are Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson?

Ken Blanchard has published 60 books in his lifetime. Graduated in Philosophy, Sociology, he holds a Ph. D. in Administration and Leadership. After so much success and three bestsellers, today, he runs a training and consulting organization for future leaders.

Spencer Johnson was a psychologist, physician, and specialist in business leadership. One of his greatest books is "Who Moved My Cheese?".

All of his books have passed 50 million worldwide sales, "The New One Minute Manager" alone has reached 30 million copies.

Why should I read "The New One Minute Manager"?

The content of the book "The New One Minute Manager" is ideal for managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Do you think your performance as a manager is not working well? Calm down, because this book will teach you what you need to do in just a minute.

What are "The New One Minute Manager" tips?

  • One minute is enough time to set goals and solve your biggest problems;
  • The three minute-secrets: one-minute goals, one-minute praisings, and one-minute redirects;
  • Investing in people and looking at each of your employees for a minute is enough time to make good decisions;
  • A manager also makes mistakes and is the first to recognize them;
  • Everyone can become new minute managers with minor adjustments to the routine.

Are you prepared for surprising information? So, let's get to the content!

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[Book Summary] The New One Minute Manager - Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson

What is the story of the new minute manager?

When the young man met the manager who everyone admired, he decided to study the main characteristics of this "quite a guy", that was how the employees talked all the time.

The authors Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson affirm that the most effective managers first manage themselves and understand that the presence of people is the real profit earned.

That "quite a guy" worked collaboratively, was concerned with results and, above all, with people. The big question was: how did you get so many results in such a short time?

Conversations with employees brought him to the first lesson: the three-minute management secrets.

The first secret

Setting goals in a short time is the first minute-secret. According to the book "The New One Minute Manager", the minute manager with defined goals, passes it on to the team in a few seconds in a clear and effective way. For the authors Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, five basic guidelines are needed for minute-goals to be effective:

  1. Managers need to show what they want and be direct;
  2. Guides that the objectives are written;
  3. Suggests that each one separate, every day, what can be done quickly;
  4. Encourages taking time to examine what is being done;
  5. The team stops to rethink the actions.

The second secret

Whenever a task is done well, the manager needs to be quick in the feedback and implement the one-minute compliments, or, minute-praising.

One of the company's employees explains to the young man that when he started at work, the compliments were daily, and then he even learned to praise himself.

Another important tip given by the authors Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is that you need to create chances to value your employees: instead of repeating the old behavior of many managers and watching to catch the mistakes, the tip is: watch until they do the right thing.

Minute-praising works well when:

In the first thirty seconds, the compliment needs to be specific. Then, a short break for the complimented to feel good. The last seconds are the incentives.

The third secret

In this part of the book "The New One Minute Manager", the minute-redirect is presented. The authors Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson point out that praise without direction or criticism without a solution doesn't make anyone grow. People make mistakes, and the new minute manager needs to point the way. Guide, give the employee a break for digestion and let them make their own decision.

Minute-redirects work well when:

  1. Management redirects fast;
  2. Confirm and review facts;
  3. As a manager, make it clear how you feel about the mistake;
  4. Short break;
  5. Reminds the employee that it is not the end of the world;
  6. That the trust between the parties is the same;
  7. No one touches the subject anymore after the redirect.

The minute managers are not perfect. They also make mistakes, but they must be the first to recognize. This is also observing how your employees see you.

According to the book "The New One Minute Manager", the best time spent is that spent on people. It is necessary to break the culture of investing more in physical structure than in people.

Overview: The other minute manager

The authors conclude the book "The New One Minute Manager" by saying that everyone ends up being trained to be minute managers and the young man, who was investigating the method, was hired. After a few years, he also became a minute manager.

Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson recall the main qualities that this young man learned to be a great manager:

  • Be simple;
  • Set the minute-goals;
  • Make minute-praising;
  • Offer minute-redirects;
  • Ask questions briefly, besides working and playing.

A minute manager spreads this premise and turns others into minute managers. Share!

More books about leadership

In the recommended "Everybody Matters", the authors explore how true leaders must continually study to develop themselves and develop those around them, so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

Ed Catmull, author of the book "Creativity, Inc." advises: always give people more preference than ideas, because creative people create good ideas, but good ideas can be destroyed by bad teams.

Finally, in "Developing the Leader Within You 2.0", the author John Maxwell discusses the importance of leaders demonstrating that they care about their team and developing leaders among them. Also, he mentions the idea that 80% of your efforts should be channeled into 20% of your most important priorities to reach your goals.

Okay, but how can I apply the tips to my life?

You are almost ready to be a simple and straightforward leader, and able to solve problems in just a minute. But first, let's recap what you can do in your daily life:

  • Arrive at your office and look at each other's faces for a minute. Feel respect and affection;
  • In just 60 seconds, you can set goals, give a compliment, and even correct mistakes;
  • Invest less in structure and more in qualifying people;
  • If you make a mistake, be the first to recognize it;
  • After applying the method, encourage and empower others to be minute managers.

Did you like this summary of the book "The New One Minute Manager"?

For many, a minute is nothing. But we saw in this summary of the lessons of Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson that, for a minute manager, this is enough time to organize your team.

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