The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

Discover the importance of self-knowledge and how the recovery of emotional health and inner light can contribute to a high degree of fulfillment in your life.

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Did you know that often personal failure is due to losing the reins of our lives? We often let time and opportunity pass by being stuck in the past or too eager to enjoy the present minute. Eckhart Tolle wrote “The Power of Now” to help you achieve a more peaceful and enjoyable life!

With the book, you can reach your spiritual awakening and understand what to do to get your life organized, focus on your goals, find the inner light, and move on to the goal of success.

Stay with us in this summary and discover the behaviors you must have to achieve this life!

The book “The Power of Now”

A New York Times bestseller, the book The Power of Now (1997) features 156 pages and 10 interesting chapters in which you will understand the secret of wholeness and the importance of knowing your inner self.

The book has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and it was translated into over 30 languages.

Who is Eckhart Tolle?

Eckhart Tolle is the pseudonym of Ulrich Leonard Tolle. A German writer graduated from the University of London and a researcher from the University of Cambridge.

He specializes in the art of inner self-study and focuses on the importance of spiritual transformation for a full quality of life.

He has written 6 fantastic works and was extremely well-known on the show by US host Oprah Winfrey.

Why should I read this book?

Reading this book is indicated for people who seek to free themselves from negative energies, focus on their inner self, and understand the sense of fullness.

In other words, people who want some practical advice on how to pay attention to the present moment.

Fully recommended for leaders and managers who are uncomfortable with inertia and want motivation for inner transformation, freedom from mental slavery, and immediate change in all areas of life.

What are the key points of the book “The Power of Now”?

  • A misused mind is a source of destruction;
  • Listening to thought is one way of connecting with oneself;
  • The ego lives hand in hand with the past;
  • Body and emotion are too closely intertwined;
  • Understanding the difference between thought and consciousness is one of the keys to achieving fullness.
  • Concern for time is harmful to creativity;
  • Learn to understand the reality behind the words;
  • Connecting with the inner body being is a primordial step to reach the depth of life;
  • Don't use suffering to create an identity;
  • Re-connect with your Self and learn to control your life at once.

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[Book Summary] The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment

In the hectic days we live, with constant chores, businesses, family, it is common to always be worried throughout the day. Being mindful always keeps us from finding our way to serenity.

We can understand serenity as a calm, peaceful, gentle feeling. This is especially true when you can handle that difficult or almost impossible situation with a little more balance.

Finding balance is not only about being at peace, it is also about seeing your inner self and feeling the freedom to connect with yourself.

It is the conviction that to be enlightened is to be interconnected with plenitude, with ease of problem-solving, and consequently with a better quality of life.

But what can we do?

In fact, what we need to do is to connect with ourselves in such a way that we are unable to identify with our minds.

Our mind carries with it a whole set of predetermined labels and concepts. It is through it that we acquire all the judgments and inflate our ego in such a way that we fail to see our inner self.

Identifying with the mind is the same as letting go of time, giving up the now, attaching to the past or holding onto the hands of anxiety, and always worrying about the future.

That is, the mind begins to dominate you and you start living in its service.

What really matters is understanding where your energy and attention is being directed and seeking freedom from the mind by filtering out involuntary and compulsive thoughts and thus reaching a high level of balance and productivity.

A Stop In Our Mind

Eckhart Tolle emphasizes during the work, the need that we have to worry about our thoughts and seek a new direction for our life.

Our mental activity is accelerating and this has been a harm to our health. Not just for not letting us be at peace with ourselves, but also for directly affecting our view of the present tense.

A fast-paced mind inflates the ego, nullifies the "now" moment, projects the person into the future, or binds to the past in constant comparison with what was in previous years.

Understand that you don’t have to stop thinking, but to filter what is worth in your thinking. The mind is powerful because it not only includes thinking. It is responsible for uniting the emotions that consequently influence the functioning of our body.

Can you imagine any situation where after a negative thought you felt angry and noticed some changes in your physical body?

Headache, stress, the tension in the upper limbs are examples of reflexes coming from the response of thought to our body.

Sometimes your thinking may conflict with your emotions. Do not worry about it. Just value your emotions, because your thoughts tend to the ego and not to the conscious mind.

So be aware of your conflicts, emotions, and thoughts. Learn that you are not your emotion or your thinking. You are the observer, the leader, and the manager of your existence. Understand that you are not an extra but the protagonist of your life.

The Two States of Suffering

Suffering is intertwined with the level of leadership our mind exercises over us. Whether emotional, physical, conscious, or unconscious, suffering can have two levels: that which originates in the present and that which refers to the past.

We know you understand that you have to unlink in the mind, now we want you to understand how to prevent suffering from taking over you.

Suffering can manifest itself for two reasons. Either by not accepting the now or by resistance as a form of judgment in our thinking.

And the mind, what does it all have to do with it?

The mind is extremely temporal. Time and the mind go hand in hand so that it is tied to the past or future by seeing the present tense as threatening, dangerous, and destructive.

This is one of the gimmicks of the mind that in order to remain in control and ensure its permanence hides the present and, consequently, vitality and creativity, as these are characteristics that depend on the present tense to function.

But what to do to try to minimize all this?

  • Keep the main focus on the now. Understand that the past is over and the future is beyond your control;
  • Accept your life, eliminate resistance and all that keeps you from trusting and believing that you can do more;
  • Give up making comparisons of your current life with what you have already lived. Forget the past, live a new page.

The Prison of Fear

That fear paralyzes what we already know. But what the author points out is that fear does not refer to what is happening immediately, so it is not something concrete and true.

Fear is a projection of what we are imagining to happen. That is, fear is not real. Therefore, an instinctive reflex led by our mind.

This feeling is based on the time difference between the future and the now. And this period difference is called anguish time.

This space of anguish can become karma for you if you don’t detach yourself from the bonds of mind and ego.

There is a leading cycle of people ruled by fear. The cycle happens as follows:

  • Identification with the mind > Regency of the ego > Constant feeling of threat > Release of the trigger of emotion > Feeling of danger and fear.

Understand that the ego releases fear because it is insecure and vulnerable and also brings the constant sense of loss, fear, and dread of making mistakes.

Did you understand how deep it is?

If you can untie the suffocating bonds of the mind, you will achieve the freedom you have been waiting for.

Identification with the mind brings with it self-confidence, inner illumination, and full awareness that power over others is unnecessary when you cannot first exercise power over yourself.

Are you an unhappy person?

Start by asking about your personal life, friends, and work life. Observe your thoughts, your memories, and what your body's responses are through this analysis.

Now answer for yourself: Are you an unhappy person?

If so, understand that the stored negative energy is one of the reasons for personal failure. Also, understand that it is highly propagable where it is inserted.

Have you ever wondered if your constant complaints about your work environment, activities, staff members are one of the causes of your poor job performance?

Unhappiness attracts negativity in such a way that it becomes part of your days, your life, your home as a family member or a close friend.

What can I do to get rid of her?

Discard it. Throw away every trace of negativity in your life.

You can start by going against the resistance that persists. The process of accepting the gift is the most favorable way to liberate yourself from all negativity.

When your mind identifies that there has been acceptance on your part, and the inwardness of the concept that things can be or may be fine, negative thinking is not formed, nor does it open doors to the influence of ego and unhappiness.

And how does ordinary unconsciousness act in these situations?

We already said how much a complaint can be a trigger for negativity. Eckhart Tolle explains that often this dissatisfaction manifested through words is unconscious.

Every time a person complains, they immediately become victims of that situation and it can become routine.

Understand that you can do differently in three ways:

  • Accepting;
  • Seeking solutions;
  • Or changing course.

Learn that continuing inertia paralyzed in a situation will never be the best decision to make. Don't be afraid of the fear that may appear to hinder your decisions.

First of all, admit the fear, repair it, analyze it, try to understand the origins of that feeling, be fully present to understand this situation. Only in this way you can interrupt the communication of this feeling with your mind.

During the work, the author explains the importance of surrender in the face of a process of fear.

Surrendering to something or someone is not synonymous with weakness, but a path to liberation and the key to reaching the top of success.

The Light Links  

Initially, it is important that you understand that relationships to be enlightened need balance.

For the balance to be found with the fullness of the link, there must be a sense of satisfaction. Being with someone who makes us feel good is the same as finding peace.

But why can this relationship change instantly? What happens is that we have a hope of perfection that makes us blind and unprepared for any mistakes this person may make.

Being aware that any relationship exists on both sides is wise. Negative and positive polarities exist. What cannot exist is the lack of balance and the increased frequency of negative cycles.

Another important and responsible factor for the deterioration of relationships is dependence on one or the other partner.

When one or both present this relationship of constant need, it is a sign of incompleteness. And this is not a good thing.

This sense of lack is a consequence of the identification with the mind and ego that, being weak, vulnerable and insecure, takes control of the situation, attracts fear, and projects a solution to all problems.

Consequently, the relationship goes from enlightened to toxic and destructive in a short time.

Eckhart Tolle gives some important tips to look at. Between them:

  • Focus on the present. Identify the suffering and solve the problem;
  • Do not postpone the analysis of your inner self;
  • Accept the other as he is;
  • Forget the concept of perfection in relationships and understand that personality is important for the construction of being;
  • Love is not selective, so don't be either;
  • Listening to what the other has to say is not just a sign of caution, it is a sign of respect.

Books about self knowledge

In the book "Mindset" by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, it discusses how our beliefs shape our behavior and growth. While mindsets produce definitive worldviews, people can change by learning new skills. Human beings can be taught to respond in different ways, how to face challenges, and think differently.

For Daniel Goleman, author of "Emotional Intelligence", strong emotions can interfere with attention and all aspects of clear thinking. Instead of trying to eliminate their feelings, people should strive to find a smart balance between reason and emotion.

Finally, Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret" teaches us that thought is a magnet: it attracts what it emits. You can attract the best in the world to your life. To do so, your feelings should serve as a boost for your well-being. Love, the author says, is the greatest of these feelings.

Okay, but how to apply this to my life?

  • Change your attention from past and future, learn to live now, and find a real sense of balance, fullness, and enlightened life;
  • Practice meditation techniques, find your inner body, and absorb all the benefits that a light life can give you;
  • Destroy any identification with the mind and gain more freedom in your personal and professional life;
  • Don't say. Act. Their good examples are far more attractive than mere repetitive words;
  • Be a good manager, but first be a leader of yourself. Governing others is easy, it is difficult to control the power of your mind;
  • Practice the feeling of surrender. No one is strong all the time. Admit your mistakes, needs and gain the ability to be free from ego and negativity once and for all;
  • Have faith. Be interconnected with spirituality and let your inner light dissipate in the places you pass.

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