The Ultimate Selling Story - Roy Furr

The Ultimate Selling Story - Roy Furr

Understand how you can leverage your sales. Learn here the secret of marketing and how dialogue can influence the generation of profits, leads, and customers.

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There is a very effective way to connect with your company's potential customers, close sales and add potential buyers: practicing targeted communication, better known as "story selling". This is the premise of "The Ultimate Selling Story", written by author Roy Furr.

In this PocketBook, you will understand how success stories can influence your profits and how an appropriate message can reach more and win customers in your favor.

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About the book "The Ultimate Selling Story"

The Ultimate Selling Story was written by Roy Furr in 2017.

This book is a strategy and teaching point for those who want to set up sales more clearly and drive business faster.

About the author Roy Furr

Roy Furr is a writer, marketing strategist and founder of BTMsinsiders. Through his works, works, and lectures, he shows viewers the best market tips and sales expansion.

Furr delivers satisfying results at his meetings and is recognized worldwide as an authority in the business world because of the training, ideas and direct consultancy offered to his clients.

To whom is this book indicated?

Entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers who want to learn about marketing and have a guide to improving their sales and increasing their profits.

Main ideas of the book "The Ultimate Selling Story"

  • Selling prospects increase when you give your customers a real and true message;
  • The best form of communication is through stories;
  • Decisions are made when the emotions of the listener pervade;
  • Being involved with the message through the media brings considerable scope for your service or product;
  • The targeted story is likely to increase sales as long as it shows solutions to problems;
  • The successful dialogue must have a chronology. Beginning, middle, and end.
  • The offer must be presented clearly and the sale must be direct;
  • Engaging speech is more likely to be forgotten.

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[Book Summary] The Ultimate Selling Story - Roy Furr

Overview: The secret of speech

If you want to boost your business, you should be aware of what you are talking about.

Sales and marketing people need to understand first and foremost how the perfect connection works in what the book calls a "formula."

The story is the main form of communication. It is through it that we become more empathic, more coherent, and deliver our message directly to those who actually receive it.

Storytelling goes far beyond setting up sales; it has to do with creating links.

The way you address yourself may be responsible for two types of decisions that we can cite:

Justified Decisions

According to the author Roy Furr, decisions are called justified when they are based on logical discourse.

This is the way we usually talk to a boss, for example. The author also calls this logical speech "head speech." It's important, of course, but it's not the kind of language that drives the most sales.

Taken decisions

Is based on that speech that speaks to the heart. They are the stories of life, of overcoming, of better choices and decisions.

According to the author, most buying decisions are made in the unconscious when the person is steeped in emotions. She buys a product that she believes will change her life.

It's important to make it clear that your speech is not based on empty promises, of course. The oratory needs to be concerned about the truth of the message.

What is happening in the market today is the competition between promises. Do you know what this is about?

Roy Furr explains in his book "The Ultimate Selling Story" that this kind of dispute happens when one trader tries to surpass what the other has promised, making the message so incredibly perfect that it becomes unbelievable.

"Well, what to do? How to get around the situation?"

Search for stories.

Here is the need for you to study what you preach so much. Put hope and commitment in the search for real stories, overcoming and victories.

This, yes, will encourage your audience and make what you stand for so credible.

Overview: Use methods to reinforce speech

Strong speech, as well as true stories and real testimonials, needs reach.

Better than words is to show everything that has been said through practice.

The more people who are engaged in the cause, the more customers will convert to your service or product. To capture big sales and stay ahead of the market, it is important to invest in the media.

Digital media are responsible for attracting the public's attention and strengthening the bond of those who are already committed. We can contextualize this concept above quite simply: When you are going to consume a product, which one catches your eye the most?

Of course, it is the product you are most familiar with. But who takes care of this empathy? Digital media, through advertisements.

Advertising has as its main feature the emotional appeal, which is responsible for making decisions.

But it is not only through advertising that you can spread your service. There are various tools on the internet, such as websites, webinars or even a Youtube account. During the work, the author highlights another very useful tool: podcasts.

Podcasts are simple, easy-to-download and easily accessible audios, allowing you to consume mostly free content.

Have a group of storytellers

Publicize a product until it is not difficult. But reaching people, and especially leads, is indeed a challenging task.

Your team needs to be alert and prepared for this. Align your team with the company's goals, so that the product you actually work with happens to spread.

Choose people who have team DNA, who share goals, and are committed to the common good.

The biggest advertisement is made by people. People have friends, have family, and when they feel connected, they bond with the product and the company that sells it.

Teach your team how to tell stories, show examples, and share experiences. That makes all the difference.

Overview: The crucial moment

Now is the time to learn from this Magic Formula that is responsible for boosting sales and leveraging the market.

The work "The Ultimate Selling Story" highlights the principle of persuasion through a method called PAISA. This method indicates how to reach the goal and solve the problem through a strategy called "Hero's Journey."

For a person to be called a hero, he must have done extraordinary actions, overcome barriers, and overcome obstacles through bravery and courage.

The narrative, then, must follow a kind of arc, in which the story is told through episodes and takes place through the sequence below:

  1. Determine the problem;
  2. Disagree with not solving the problem;
  3. Invalidate all other solutions on the market;
  4. Solve the problem;
  5. Ask and take action.

This is an amazing selling method that establishes a connection of your product to the customer's reality. This allows the story to be told by one customer to another, or you can use your own success story to promote your service yourself.

Applying the PAISA Method

It is important to have a speech that begins with the presentation of a problem. Understand that this issue needs to have to do with the difficulty faced by the customer.

The book "The Ultimate Selling Story" points out that within five seconds the lead needs to be connected to what you have to say. This is why you need to worry about the first impression and the language used.

The speech needs to be familiar, empathetic and your client needs to feel embedded in your words.

When you are dealing with the problems of others, also understand that you are dealing with dreams, projects, fear, anxiety, and frustrations. Be careful what you say or you will destroy all possibilities of any future connection.

Once you recognize the problem, now is the time for you to make it unacceptable. It is interesting that you lead people to dissatisfaction and a sense of urgency through the established dialogue.

Roy Furr explains that the person aiming for a goal must follow two types of journeys: the outer and the inner. The external journey is the visible, the path that everyone would follow.

The internal journey, on the other hand, is the most difficult way. It is the confrontation with the internal struggles, with the emotional and psychological. It is facing people, competitors, fighting even oneself. It is chasing after hope and moving confidently toward the desired goal.

In order for the audience to feel agitated and driven to make a decision, you need to direct your speech to the inner journey.

After the phase of nonconformity, the moment of invalidation comes. This step is when you compare your solution to others.

At this stage, you are funneling potential buyers with the rushing speech and sense of urgency. You show yourself as the problem solver, the hero, the person who will help the customer out of that situation.

Then the time has come to introduce your product. Keep in mind that this is the moment when you will deliver the perfect speech. Persuasion must continue at the same level as it began.

It is extremely necessary to use targeted words with true speech and compelling stories.

The solution created through discourse brings to the listener the inner sense of victory triumph. He becomes a participant and closes to the character in the story.

It is important that you include yourself in the speech at this time. For in this way it becomes more coherent and causes a sense of importance for the listening audience. Demonstrating your interest in sharing success stories makes all the difference.

After all these steps, it is the moment of action.

How can you do this?

Invest in plausible offers. It's no use offering a mattress if your customer wants a cell phone. The most you'll get is discredit in your speech and your work. Study the consuming public or those who want to consume your products.

Through targeted conversation, introduce the extra benefits and bonuses. Show him what he will earn by purchasing your product.

This is an effective way to greatly increase your chances of selling and publicizing what you intend to sell.

Overview: Best results

To be a seller of success stories, one has to think beyond the story itself. It is necessary to imagine how the speech is reaching the recipient and if it fits in with the sales context and the persuasive message.

The book points out the three topics to look out for:

1. Character

Character is the way people understand you. It's the way you work, how you speak. It is the set of strategies that defined its overcoming and its trajectory of success.

Knowing your persona and your inner struggles make the audience empathetic with you, as well as assisting in bonding and forming links.

2. Story

Persuasive stories need to be used at the right time in the right context. You have to think about the words, the speech used and especially your oratory.

You should also consider how many stories to tell when to tell them, and which method to apply to generate sales.

3. Sales

An essential tip for sales marketing is to have in your speech a range of stories. And that these stories be renewed, shared and, above all, followed as an example of life, success and overcoming.

Roy Furr explains the need for perfect speech driving to the final realization, which is nothing more, nothing less than sales. During the message, you need to be aware of your words involve, motivate, captivate and persuade, leading to a buying action.

For ultimate success, your approach needs to be creative, not systematic.

Do you know how to differentiate them?

The systematic approach creates the story following the natural sequence of discourse. However, it does not prepare you for alleged obstacles, questions, or possible audience rejection of a particular oratory.

The creative approach is ready for that. If something goes wrong, the character goes back to the error and modifies the persuasive story, either through another story or through insight.

Following all these tips, the time has come to put theory into practice, don't you think?

What do other authors say about it?

Adilson Xavier's "Storytelling: Histórias que deixam marcas" brings a concept that is very much in line with Flávia Gamonar's thinking, showing that storytelling is a storytelling tool that aims to drive products and brands.

Already in the book "The Sales Bible", author Jeffrey Gitomer advises that the most important and fundamental tool for any sale is your mind. Self-confidence is the key to controlling it, if you don't believe you, no one will.

Finally, in the book "How to Sell When Nobody's Buying", author Dave Lakhani advises: If you are not selling, try to improve your approach. In tough times, bad salespeople give up and open opportunities for the most creative and efficient salespeople.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Use the stories as a means of connecting with the customer. Use logical speech but, above all, prioritize those who touch the heart;
  • Understand that empty promises have no credibility. Prioritize affinity;
  • Use ways to multiply the message you believe. Use media to increase reach and platform to drive sales;
  • Find inspiration in a story and make it your selling model;
  • Be an attractive seller. Promote your services convincingly;
  • Use voice as a persuasive strategy. Understand that justification through discourse is important, but the emotion used is the true connection;
  • Set criteria on what you sell. Word of weight is important, but the clarity with customers is critical.

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