Transformando Networking em Negócios - Jorge Menezes

Transformando Networking em Negócios - Jorge Menezes

Get ready to take advantage of business opportunities and invest in a planned and organized way in networking!

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The remarkable ability to know how to relate to other people is not a simple skill to master. This art, addressed by the author Jorge Menezes in his book, "Turning Networking Into Business", requires time to be refined and improved.

To learn to analyze beyond appearances, it is necessary to increase our view of what people want and need.

When we achieve this, we begin to read the secret code of relationships, we understand how complex human nature is and we understand how simple it is to satisfy its needs and its deepest intentions.

Want to know more? So continue reading this PocketBook and learn how to make smart contacts to get results in your business!

About the book "Transformando Networking em Negócios"

The book "Transformando Networking em Negócios", "Turning Networking Into Business" in a free translation to English, launched in 2015, was written by Jorge Menezes, and shows how successful professionals learned to build their careers based on a solid network of personal and professional relationships.

This work consists of 256 pages and 10 chapters, with which the author will show that to grow professionally it is not enough to be competent, it is also necessary to appear competent in the eyes of the market and other people.

About the author Jorge Menezes

Jorge Menezes is a teacher, researcher, coach, and author. He specializes in developing leadership skills and is avant-garde in the science of neurocoaching in Brazil.

The author also develops content in the areas of negotiation, stress management, innovation, and managerial creativity, professional communication, training of high-performance teams and strategic thinking.

Besides this book, Menezes also wrote the work "Aprenda a Negociar com Tubarões".

To whom is this book indicated?

"Turning Networking Into Business" is meant for people who want to get a greater return from their network of contacts by using tools and techniques that enhance their ability to form relationships, influence people, and attract investors to their projects and ideas.

Main ideas of the book "Transformando Networking em Negócios"

Jorge Menezes' work basically addresses the following aspects:

  • "Broaden your vision so you can pinpoint opportunities and threats in the environment";
  • "Help identify patterns of behavior, to use them to your advantage when building alliances";
  • "Help you develop a strong and reliable network of relationships";
  • "Expand your ability to adapt to changing business ecosystems with speed and efficiency".

Download the "Transformando Networking em Negócios" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Turning Network into Business - Jorge Menezes

Overview: "First foundation of networking: building credibility"

Well, the first step to transform networking into business is to create a trustworthy image that supports our work and our ideas.

According to the author Jorge Menezes:

"We have to be seen by people as specialists in what we do so that we can be indicated without fear, thereby generating a movement to strengthen our image before the market."

This image of trust will bring us prosperous and gradual benefits because before selling our product or service we must sell ourselves.

One way to increase our credibility is reciprocity and benefit-sharing. When we exchange benefits, we are proving to others that we work so that our partners can also succeed at their own goals.

By acting in this way, we openly show the mutual trust we have in the people we are relating to, and also increase the level of our credibility with them.

The author says in his book "Turning Networking Into Business" that:

"Focusing only on our interests and our personal gains is a fatal mistake that can destroy our image and permanently shake our credibility because no one likes to deal with people who only seek their own interests."

Overview: "Second foundation of networking: creating a personal brand"

The second step to transform networking into business is to build a particular brand that faithfully symbolizes our skills, talents, and aptitudes. In this way, we can be differentiated and memorized by the market.

Early in the industrial era, when industries started producing cars, commercial teams faced a major problem:

"Explaining what a car was and what it represented in terms of concept."

The answer used at that time was to link the new invention with a concept already known to people: the horse-drawn carriage. The idea only began to be accepted by the public when the automakers said that "the car was a carriage without horses".

Thus was created the concept of horsepower. It was then said that a certain engine had a few horsepower.

From there, buyers were able to find a perfect fit in their benchmark to accept the new idea and thus they came to acquire and understand the advantages of this innovative product.

You may be thinking what this story has to do with "creating a personal brand".

Well, according to the author Jorge Menezes in his book "Turning Networking Into Business":

"When people come into contact with us for the first time, they try to find a space in their mental model to fit our name and what we can offer."

The same thing happened to the people of the industrial age before the new concept that emerged, the car.

Menezes also says that:

"Every time a person hears our name, he immediately recovers from his memory the concept that was associated with our work, our competence, our abilities, our character and uses all these references to judge if we are reliable people or not. For this reason, we must create value associations that are capable of simplifying the construction of positive concepts about us in other people's minds."

Overview: "Third foundation of networking: achieving visibility"

The number of people who invest in their professional training and do not make their skills and competencies seen by the market is incredible.

We spend a lot of time preparing to be a part of the market and we do not take into account that people need to find us easily. The lack of visibility brings with it the lack of good opportunities.

This is the reason that brought us to the third foundation addressed in the book "Turning Networking Into Business". According to the author Jorge Menezes:

"Without the correct level of exposure, it's no use to be an excellent leader and an exceptional manager. In order for us to enjoy the investment we made in our careers in terms of time and capital, we need people to know what we are capable of and how we can help them solve their problems."

So, in order to have visibility, we need to know which of our natural abilities determine who we truly are. Usually, the market itself defines what are the essential skills of a given job.

For example, if words like "organized, creative, contagious, disciplined, exciting" are often repeated, for several different people, they are worth analyzing because they can show what our key qualities are and how we are judged by the market.

Overview: "Fourth foundation of networking: investing in social capital"

According to the quote by author Jorge Menezes in his book "Turning Networking Into Business":

"When we understand that we need to choose well where we are going to apply our energies and what feedback we expect from our relationships, we are starting to take a more active stance in finding opportunities within our network."

Dedicating our time to the dreams of other people leads us to create social patrimony based on reciprocity and mutual support.

Social capital is a good that we have built up over time, based on the credibility we have acquired and what we can offer to the individuals in our network of contacts.

So in order to gain social capital, it is necessary to foment people's interest by showing the chances of a monetary, emotional or skill return that they will be able to invest in us.

Generally, people are driven by benefits. Therefore, even if the benefit is not expressed clearly, it will be there, in any type of relationship, be it professional or personal.

What do other authors say about it?

Tony Robbins, in his book "Unshakeable", says you need to give. Making contributions is what brings meaning to the lives of many people.

Robert Cialdini, in his book "Influence: Science and Practice", has shown that most people have a strong feeling related to retribution, that is, to offer back, as much as possible, what someone previously gave them back.

Finally, in the book "How to Win Friends & Influence People", Dale Carnegie talks about praise as a way to influence: one of the strongest characteristics of human behavior is the desire to be valued by others; we all like to get compliments and hear that we are doing a good job.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

If you want to achieve success through people, making your relationships a continuous source of personal satisfaction and wealth, you must purchase the book "Turning Networking Into Business".

Read each teaching carefully and reflect on all the ideas presented by the author Jorge Menezes. This way, you will be able to enjoy more productive relationships and will be able to increase your network of influence in a more elaborate and articulated way.

I invite you, at this point, to step out of your comfort zone and start transforming your relationships into good profitable deals for everyone involved.

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