Transformando Suor em Ouro - Bernardinho

Transformando Suor em Ouro - Bernardinho

Discover how the multi-champion technician managed to extract all the talent of his team and turn them into a victorious generation.

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If you are a lover of sport and especially volleyball, the book "Transformando Suor em Ouro", by author Bernardinho, was made for you.

It is an autobiography of the coach of the Brazilian volleyball team and offers lessons on perseverance, teamwork, appreciation of talent, and dedication.

The former player and coach is one of the members of the famous "Silver Generation", and was one of those responsible for giving Brazil the first Olympic medal in this sport: the Los Angeles Olympics silver medal.

Want to know more? Then continue reading this PocketBook and discover the characteristics and strategies that make Bernardinho a super champion!

About the book "Transformando Suor em Ouro"

The book, "Transformando Suor em Ouro", was published in 2006 by Editora Sextante and discusses Bernardinho's career, from the time of player until the conquest of several titles as coach of the Brazilian men's volleyball team.

In the course of the work, the author tells how to extract the best from talented athletes and make the whole effort be crowned with achievements.

About the author Bernardinho

Bernardo Rocha de Rezende, also known as Bernardinho, is an economist graduated from PUC, speaker and businessman.

Former player and multi-champion as a volleyball coach, he is one of the most important names on the world sports scene.

To whom is this book indicated?

"Transformando Suor em Ouro" is ideal for those who want to be inspired by great biographies that are responsible for influencing millions of people, especially for those who like stories of overcoming sports.

In addition, the content is for those who seek examples of values, resistance, integrity and determination, contemplating practical examples of all struggles and victories.

Main ideas of the book "Transformando Suor em Ouro"

  • Discipline and ethics are habits that perpetuate good results;
  • The mission of the leader and his contribution to seeking the maximum of each one of the team;
  • The goal is where we want to go and planning is how we are going to get there;
  • It is important to create difficulties for those who have talent. Facilities limit them;
  • The leader must be a facilitator of good performances, but must not seek popularity.

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[Book Summary] Transformando Suor em Ouro - Bernardinho

Overview: The Wheel of Excellence

After obtaining expressive results as coach of the women's Volleyball team, Bernardinho started to be invited by executives of large companies to give lectures on models of leadership and management.

It was during the preparation to meet this new demand that the coach structured the so-called Wheel of Excellence:

The wheel of excellence

At the center of the wheel, there is a constant search for excellence. Along the circumference, the following fundamentals are located: teamwork, leadership, motivation, perseverance/obstinacy/overcoming, commitment/complicity, discipline / positive work habits.

According to the book "Transformando Suor em Ouro", with the turning of the wheel on the planning road, it heads towards a goal, each of the six groups of fundamentals comes into contact with the planning so that the objective is reached.

Team work

For Bernardinho, knowing how to work well in a team "is a truth that holds true both for the sporting world and for the corporate world".

According to him, there is no way to reward the best seller without also congratulating all people in the areas of production, logistics, marketing and other areas, because without this support, the commercial area would not be able to complete a sale.

Similarly, there is no way to have individual prizes in a team sport like volleyball, because the best striker cannot perform well without the best setter, the best passer, the best team and the best leaders.


Leaders are those who support managers and coaches in order to lead their projects and teams to achieve the established goal.

The author Bernardinho says in his book, "Turning Sweat Into Gold", that the only leadership capable of sustaining itself over time is that based on example, where the leader shows how it is done so that others can repeat the task at a similar level or even above.


For the coach, motivation is based on two pillars: necessity and passion.

"If you need to, go ahead and dedicate yourself. If you like it, love what you do, you will always want to improve."

Perseverance and overcoming

To talk about this element of the Wheel of Excellence, the author Bernardinho cites the example of Michael Jordan, reported in the book "I Can't Accept Not Trying".

After being rejected in his attempt to play on the varsity team, Jordan went home and locked himself in his room. After some time locked in his room, his mother, worried, called him.

The future basketball star replied:

"I don't want to leave, mom. I want to remember forever the bitter taste of being rejected. So that, training or playing, I try so hard and in such a way that no one makes me feel again what I am feeling now."

Commitment and complicity

According to the book "Transformando Suor em Ouro", a team must always be committed to the final goal and, consequently, each member committed to each other, after all, the goal is the same for everyone.

Commitment refers to the division of responsibilities, while complicity is the result of egos and vanities under control.

Discipline, ethics and positive work habits

In this sixth part of the wheel, Bernardinho addresses attitudes and gestures that must prevail while dedicating himself to the process of implementing what has been determined.

For him, there are two fundamental elements so that a person's success can be perpetuated: the technical (professional capacity) and the ethical (moral integrity).

Overview: Champions, discomfort

Shortly after the Sydney Olympics ended in 2000, Bernardinho was invited by Ary Graça Filho, president of CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation), to switch from the female to the male selection.

At that time, they asked him about the challenges he would face when he started to lead a team of men, after seven years of commanding the girls in Brazil.

In a way, he knew the differences he would face with the change, but he felt that one of the main activities of a leader is to know how to monitor his relationship with his employees intensely, especially in times of success.

As explained in the book "Transformando Suor em Ouro", it was during his time as a coach in the men's team that the author also learned valuable lessons:

  • Try to avoid the pitfalls of success: don't settle, be prepared for adversity;
  • Having a collective conscience requires detachment, solidarity, companionship and team spirit;
  • A team is not always formed by the best, most capable, but by the right employees;
  • A winning team always has good reservations: healthy competition is natural;
  • Have a sense of urgency: perform each activity as if it were the most important.

Overview: The last barrier

About to start his first Olympics directing the men's team in Athens and coming from a winning streak, such as the World Championship and the World Cup, Bernardinho had one more challenge: how to keep a team at the top?

According to the book "Turning Sweat Into Gold", there is only one way to do this: prepare yourself with at least the same enthusiasm as the runner-up.

In addition, for the coach, the glories of the past guarantee only one thing: great responsibilities and higher expectations. Thus, more work and greater attention to detail is needed.

All this preparation was crowned at the end with the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens, in 2004.

Overview: The new Scale of Values

After the entire winning cycle for selection and countless lectures, author Bernardinho began to rethink the importance of the Wheel of Excellence concepts. It evolved into a new concept, what the coach called the Scale of Values.

It includes some additional steps such as: talent selection, team spirit, preparation and external factors.

Choice of talent

For Bernardinho, the choice of committed people makes all the difference.

The first aspect to be analyzed is what he calls the "genius" factor. However, this alone is not enough.

The second aspect is to observe the history of results delivered, making a true X-ray of professional performance.

The third aspect to be assessed is the athlete's level of determination.

  • Average Talent + High Determination = Good Professional;
  • High Talent + High Determination = Superprofessional;
  • High Talent + Low Determination = Frustration.

Finally, the fourth aspect addressed in the book "Turning Sweat Into Gold", fundamental to the ability to overcome oneself, transcend results and maximize the equation that adds talent and determination: passion.

Team spirit

Assessing whether the chosen employees are primarily focused on team spirit is essential. Choosing the right people and working as a team are fundamental steps towards high-level performance.

The awareness that the interdependence and complementarity of functions between the parts make collective work effective is what generates the team's true brilliance.


Multi-champions have a permanent disposition to prepare. They are comfortable in the constant discomfort of preparation.

According to author Bernardinho in his book, "Transformando Suor em Ouro", extreme preparation is what makes athletes withstand the pressures and tensions of the most difficult competitions.

Being continuously prepared, keeping up to date and observing what's new are the price to pay for excellence.

External Environment

It is extremely important to provide the basic conditions for work. Close contact with family members, communication facilities, quality accommodation and food interfere with the performance of professionals.

When all these desired conditions are not derived, precarious or unfavorable conditions should be used as challenges and a source of motivation.

What do other authors say about it?

In "Principles: Life and Work", author Ray Dalio shows that dreams, reality and determination will make you achieve a successful life by making the principles of life and work go hand in hand, with an open mind.

In "Developing the Leader Within You 2.0", John Maxwell addresses the importance of the leader demonstrating that he cares about his team and developing leaders among them.

Finally, in the work "The 8th Habit", author Stephen R. Covey says that the leader must inspire confidence, and without it there is no effectiveness in projects.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Choose the right people and not the most talented;
  • Focus on teamwork;
  • Encourage leadership in the group;
  • Do extreme training, it is what will prepare the team most efficiently;
  • Look for a balance between collections and external conditions;
  • Pay attention to success and its pitfalls;
  • Always seek to achieve excellence.

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