Unfu*k Yourself - Gary John Bishop

Unfu*k Yourself - Gary John Bishop

Learn here how to achieve a full, wise, and coherent life, and understand how to get rid of the chains of fear and everything that prevents you from winning!

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Achieving personal transformation is not trivial, but necessary. Scottish author Gary John Bishop teaches in his work "Unfu*k Yourself" how to change your life, unlock your mind, and make choices that will take you faster to the place you always wanted to reach: on top of the fulfillment of your dreams.

The first step towards real change is to develop confidence and self-esteem, constantly working on emotional intelligence to circumvent the fear of the future and adversity.

Want to know more about how to overcome your self-limitations and pursue your goals? Keep reading our summary and we will show you the way!

About the book "Unfu*k Yourself"

The book "Unfu*k Yourself: Get out of your head and into your life" was written by Gary John Bishop and published in 2017, by HarperOne.

It is composed of 224 pages and 9 enlightening chapters that will make you understand what you should do to change the story of your existence once and for all.

About the author Gary John Bishop

Gary John Bishop is a coach and author of books that highlight courage, motivation, and self-control.

With self-empowering writing, he helps clients and readers search within themselves and find the missing link. That is, all that prevents them from achieving their goals and persevering in the desired success.

To whom is this book indicated?

The work "Unfu*k Yourself" is totally recommended for people who decided to go against the problems and focus on making their dreams come true.

It is also ideal for visionaries who want to change the way they see the world and transform the trajectory of their lives.

Main ideas of the book "Unfu*k Yourself"

The book holds the key to inner liberation. Throughout the work, the author Gary Bishop cites important and guiding tips for success. Among them, we can mention:

  • Positive internal dialogue dramatically improves the quality of life;
  • Are you ready to change your life?;
  • Be careful with what you are having to deal with;
  • Understand how perseverance can lead you to success;
  • Turn off the autopilot and control your life;
  • Make peace with uncertainty;
  • Persistence is one of the characteristics of a victorious person;
  • Get rid of self-imposed expectations;
  • Your past is not your enemy. Accept it.

Ready to break free once and for all of everything that hinders your growth?

Let's go!

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[Book Summary] Unfu*k Yourself - Gary John Bishop

Overview: The fine line between thought and reality

That dialogue is part of our lives, we already know. But what we really need to take into consideration right now is the internal dialogues.

How do we see our problems? And how do we reflect on them to the point of transforming the reality we live in?

Well, the author Gary John Bishop explains in the book "Unfu*k Yourself" that there is a positive internal dialogue and negative internal dialogue, and both influence your performance regardless of the area in which your speech is being directed.

Positive words spoken to oneself act directly on our motivation and emotional well-being.

As a result, negative speech, besides bringing a bad mood, considerably zooms in on the problems, making them much bigger than they really are.

Understand that the thoughts that motivate these speeches can impact our lives, even if we are unconscious. This is due to the connection between emotion, thought, and speech.

The internalization of language is real. Your life won't change if you see only the negative side and stress it all the time.

Thus, if your vision is limited about a certain situation, your optical prism will also always be limited.

Change your thinking

Do you know what neuroplasticity is?

Neuroplasticity can be understood as the ability of the brain to change. That is, the reorganization of the neural pathways that control our thoughts and behaviors, for example.

As clarified in the book "Unfu*k Yourself", when we want to learn something new and bring it into our routine, we need to practice. Be it a physical exercise, content for a test, or even a diet.

Continuity and practice lead us to add that new choice to the routine, in such a way that the execution becomes something automatic or intrinsic daily.

And why would thinking be any different?

We learn that emotions are linked to thoughts, which are directly influenced by our words. So, what we really need to do is change our language.

Instead of framing our problems in a negative box, how about trying to see them from a broader perspective?

Understand that you can build your own reality according to the way you see the world, communicate, and, especially, talk to yourself.

The author Gary John Bishop points out that the people around you are important, but controlling your emotions and having healthy thoughts is essential!

Overview: Be enthusiastic

According to the book "Unfu*k Yourself", the first thing you need to know when you decide to change your life is whether you are really willing to face these changes.

The author Gary John Bishop calls us to reflection, pointing out that if you are living a life that doesn't please you, but remains stagnant in the same attitudes, it is a sign that you are just putting up with what you are living.

Be careful with that! There is no point in presenting several vectors of guilt for our problems, as this won't minimize them.

One of the main obstacles to change is personal victimization. People who become the victim aren't the protagonists of their own history and urgently need to take over the reins of their existence.

It takes a willingness to do that and, especially, sincerity to face the facts, remaining true to yourself.

Therefore, the author Gary John Bishop recommends to analyze and see if the desire for change is still alive in you, otherwise, admit the real situation and try to look at the problem from a new perspective.

Reassess your path, restructure your route, map your road, and let the best of life reach you!

Overview: Understanding domains

What can be easily developed for us may be complex for other people, and we call it domains.

The author Gary John Bishop emphasizes in his book "Unfu*k Yourself" that the main obstacle to domains is the limitation.

Initially, it is necessary to let go of the bonds of this self-limitation or the limitation imposed by others, however, this breaking of barriers that hinder your success requires significant changes in attitudes, which occur from the outside in.

So don't let negative thinking control you, as it destroys dreams and overturns possibilities. Also, you must leave the comfort zone if you really want to achieve your individual transformation.

Overview: Insist on your success

Insistence and focus are paramount in achieving your goals and desires. Constantly practicing these skills means moving forward, despite difficulties and adversities.

Whoever persists doesn't regret and doesn't limit time for the realization of their dreams, affirms the author Gary John Bishop.

The true winner understands that roadblocks are like stairs to knowledge and obstacles are like keys to success.

As advised in the book "Unfu*k Yourself", you should start again as many times as necessary, because giving up is not an option!

Overview: Be friends with imprecision

If you want to transform your life, you need to embrace uncertainty, as always being in control of everything prevents you from daring and experiencing the new.

For the author Gary John Bishop, being afraid of the unknown keeps you from opportunities and makes your personal and professional growth impossible. As he explains in his work "Unfu*k Yourself", who has a great potential for success carries the ability to take risks.

Also, he highlights that this exacerbated fear is related to the way of life of our ancestors and the survival instinct.

It is also worth mentioning that one of the main reasons for the obsession with certainty is the fear of failure, as we don't know how to deal with judgments, criticisms, and differences of opinion.

So, to circumvent the fear of the unknown, it is suggested in the book "Unfu*k Yourself" to start by performing simple day-to-day activities that will help you in this step:

  • Try a new food;
  • Meet new people;
  • Speak to a group of friends;
  • Tell an idea to your boss.

Gradually, you will learn to control your emotions through choices and to deal with uncertainties, concludes the author Gary John Bishop.

Overview: Admire your past

According to the book "Unfu*k Yourself", it is essential to recognize each step taken in your journey, but don't get stuck in the past, as this impedes progress. The author Gary John Bishop explains that this attitude is an attempt to evade the current reality.

But there is a big difference between living in the past and valuing it!

Understand that your past represents your history, your achievements, your learnings, and your personal growth. The construction of your trajectory, essence, and personality are treasures and must be valued.

Therefore, admire each experience, each adversity, tears, and smiles. Your past is a source of pride and you are a winner!

What do other authors say about it?

To Caio Carneiro, author of the book "Seja foda!", success is 99% made of failure. Moreover, if you consider failure as the opposite of success, you won't build anything productive, since every failure is just a step on the ladder of your success.

In the book "Ikigai", the author Ken Mogi tells that the word ikigai is of Japanese origin and means, in free translation, "reason for living". He says that everyone has an Ikigai, just need to find it, and defines the 5 pillars for it, which are:

  1. Starting small;
  2. Releasing yourself;
  3. Harmony and sustainability;
  4. The joy of little things;
  5. Being in the here and now.

Finally, in the book "Winning", Jack Welch explains that we must leave the comfort zone and look for quality in our professional life. For the author, it is essential to find a job that provides career enthusiasm.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Don't make excuses, create solutions;
  • Establish strategies for change if you are really willing to achieve something new. Don't stagnate. Get motivated;
  • Enjoy your moment, live the reality, admire your past, but don't live in it;
  • Be true to yourself and assume your responsibilities;
  • Think positive. Negative experiences exist, but they don't have to be the specter of your life;
  • Automatic actions help in everyday life, but shouldn't limit your learning. Experience is good, but innovation is essential;
  • Be persistent. Understand that the difficulty exists, the obstacle is constant, but the success is real.

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