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Unshakeable - Tony Robbins

Discover the best investment strategies and achieve the long-awaited financial freedom!

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Carefully and thoughtfully, you will see that you can be the master of your destiny as an investor. You will be introduced to rules that will prevent you from making costly mistakes, as well as measures that can be taken to lay the foundations for future returns.

The book "Unshakeable", by author Tony Robbins, provides a step by step for you to take the reins of your future and make the most of opportunities, multiplying your capital and reducing risks, in order to achieve a full life.

Sit comfortably, prepare your notebook, focus on daily practices and be one step closer to becoming truly unshakeable!

The book "Unshakeable"

"Unshakeable", by Tony Robbins is a bestseller published in 2017 that provides a detailed and practical manual on the principles and rules for investing in today's unpredictable economy.

With the partnership of Peter Mallouk, elected the best financial advisor in the United States by Barron's magazine for three years in a row, Tony Robbins maps out four basic principles that will guide you in the most difficult financial choices, and put you at an advantage in the most varied economic scenarios.

Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins, or Anthony Robbins, is the author of six international bestsellers, including:

Robbins is one of those responsible for the popularization of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), besides being a famous coach and considered one of the most influential men of his generation.

He has already given his teachings to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and former US President Bill Clinton.

Why should I read it?

Financial intelligence is a recurring and recommended subject for all people who have difficulties or do not know how to manage money properly.

However, we also recommend the book "Unshakeable" for financial advisers, business students and people who want to take control of their financial future.

What are the key points of the book "Unshakeable"?

With inspiring words and simple language, you'll find:

  • "How to execute a simple and feasible plan to achieve true financial freedom";
  • "The strategies of the most successful investors and how they protect their equity and maximize profits in unavoidable periods of crisis and hardship";
  • "The core of the four basic principles most used by the greatest financial minds to maximize gains and decrease losses";
  • "The fastest way to put money in your pocket, unraveling the hidden rates and half-truths of the financial market";
  • "How the largest consulting firms minimize their profits by making clients pay high fees and earn less";
  • "How to master the mental resources you need to achieve the true wealth and positive performance you deserve".

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[Book Summary] Unshakeable - Tony Robbins


What would it be like to know deep down in your soul that you will be forever prosperous? Make sure that no matter what happens in the economy, the stock market or the real estate industry, you will have financial security all your life?

Many people dream of acquiring such inner peace, this tranquility, this autonomy, this freedom. After all, we all dream of becoming unshakeable.

But what does it mean to be unshakeable?

According to the author Tony Robbins:

"It's not just about money. It is a state of mind. When you are truly unshakeable, you have unflappable confidence, even in the storm."

However, it does not mean that nothing bothers you. We all have things that make us uncomfortable. It means that nothing disturbs you for long, you recover quickly, you have the presence of mind to take advantage of the instability around you.

This allows you to be a chess player, not just a piece of the board!

Don't focus on what you can't control

After spending seven years interviewing masters of finance, Tony Robbins studied his answers, his secrets, and found out how to win even in the most volatile times.

Here's the recipe: focus on what you can control. Forget what you can't.

It doesn't matter if you can't control the direction of the economy, or if you can't predict the stock market.

To become unshakeable, it is not enough to believe. You need the tools, skills, strategies, and insights that will enable you to achieve lasting prosperity.

According to the author:

"You need to learn the rules of the financial game, know who the contestants are, what their plans are, where you can get hurt and how you can win. This knowledge can set you free."

The power of compound interest

To clearly understand the impact of compound interest, let's look at a simple example. Two people, John and Ana, choose to invest $ 300 a month. But John starts early, at 19. He continues to invest for eight years and stops at 27. So John invested $ 28, 800 in all.

Considering 10% interest per year, John's money suffers the effects of compound interest. At 65, John accumulates $ 1, 863, 287. Thus, the $ 28, 800 investment generated nearly two million dollars.

On the other hand, we have Ana, who prefers to start investing the $ 300 just at 27. But she chooses to invest this money every month until she is 65 years old, meaning Ana invested for a period of 39 years, totaling $ 140, 000. When Ana retires, she gets $ 1, 589, 733.

Now, how did John, investing US $ 28, 800, manage to reach 65 years richer than Ana, who invested US $ 140, 000?

The answer is compound interest. By starting early, the compound interest that John earns on his investment adds more value to his account than he could ever earn on his own.

Now imagine that John has not stopped investing. Instead, he continued to apply $ 300 monthly until he was 65. By doing so, it reaches the amount of $ 3, 453, 020. Compared to Ana, John has $ 1.86 million more just because he started investing 8 years earlier.

This is the power of compound interest. Over time, this force can turn a small sum of money into a large fortune.

According to the author Tony Robbins in his book "Unshakeable":

"The real path to wealth is to set aside a portion of your money and invest it to suffer the effects of composition over the course of several years. This is how you become rich while you sleep. This is how you make money your slave instead of becoming a money slave. This is how you achieve true financial freedom."

The four basic principles

Basic Principle 1: Don't Lose

While many people focus on questions like: "How can I make money? How do I get the highest possible return?", big investors ask themselves: "How can I avoid losing money?"

They do it for one simple reason: the more money you lose, the harder it will be to get back to the starting point.

Let's exemplify this statement. Suppose you invested $ 100, 000 and lost 50%, or $ 50, 000. So to be able to recover what you lost, you need to get a 100% profit on what's left.

This explains Warren Buffett's famous quote about his first two investment rules:

"First rule: never lose money. Second, never forget the first rule."

To Paul Tudor Jones:

"Defense is ten times more important than attack. You have to be very aware of the harmful results at any moment."

Basic Principle 2: Asymmetric Risks / Rewards

Author Tony Robbins explains in his book, "Unshakeable", that it is common to find people saying that achieving great returns requires taking great risks. However, the best investors are not carried away by this myth.

Rather, they look for investments that offer asymmetric risks / rewards: a sophisticated way of saying that rewards far outweigh the risks. This means that they always seek to minimize the risks.

Paul Tudor Jones makes use of this principle using his "five to one rule". Jones risks a dollar on the chance to win five.

According to him:

"The five to one rule allows you to have a 20% success rate. Actually, I can be a complete asshole. I may be wrong 80% of the time and yet I won't lose."

But how is this possible? Let's say Jones makes five investments, $ 1 million each, and four of them failing, in total he will have lost $ 4 million.

However, if the fifth investment is a success, it will earn $ 5 million. Now, imagine if Paul succeeds in two investments, he will have $ 10 million in profits. In other words, he can make a profit even though he is wrong 60% of the time.

Of course, five to one is the ideal investment for Paul. Instead, three to one is his goal. The main idea is that he always looks for limited risks and big returns.

Basic Principle 3: Tax Efficiency

Tony Robbins draws attention to taxes, which can eliminate 30% or more of your investment returns.

According to the author in his book "Unshakeable":

"Mutual fund companies like to disclose their pre-tax returns, hiding the reality that there is only one truly important number: the net amount you will actually be able to keep."

Failure to take into account the impact of taxes as well as taxes on your return on investment will only lead you to self-deception. It is an expensive investment habit!

Let's say you have a mutual fund that earns 8% a year. After deducting fees of 2% per year, you will be left with 6%. But if the fund has an intense trading volume, all short-term gains will be taxed at its ordinary income tax.

Then your income of 6% per year will be reduced to 3%. However, the effect of inflation remains to be considered. Let's say it is 2% per year: your income has just been reduced to 1%.

Given this situation, you may be able to achieve financial freedom at 120 years of age.

Therefore, you must be really smart when it comes to the subject of taxes. Billionaires and their consultants are experts on this topic.

Basic Principle 4: Diversification

Basically, we all know this principle: don't put all the chips in the same number. However, there is a distinction between knowing what should be done and actually doing what you know.

Well, there are four main ways to diversify efficiently:

  1. Diversify into different asset classes. Do not invest all your money in real estate, stocks, bonds or any single investment class;
  2. Diversify within asset classes. Avoid investing everything in a favorite stock, like Microsoft, or just a property near the sea that can be destroyed in a storm;
  3. Diversify in markets, countries and currencies around the world. As we live in a global economy, several currency options are available for you to invest. Do not put all your money in the currency of your country;
  4. Diversify over time. Knowing the optimal timing to buy anything is virtually impossible. However, if you keep expanding your investments in an orderly manner over time, you will lower your risks and increase your returns.

Books about money

Robert Kiyosaki, in "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", says that every financially successful person has reached that level because he or she knows how to manage risk well, not just be afraid of it.

Instead of leaving money standing in your checking account or putting it into savings, try entering the stock market. Even though they are much riskier than banking, they will help you achieve financial freedom.

Already in the work "The Richest Man in Babylon", George Clason says that, as a man improves in his work, his ability to make money also increases.

The more knowledge we have, the more we can gain. The individual who always learns will be generously rewarded. So cultivate your own skills, study and add knowledge, become wiser and always act respectful of yourself.

Finally, in the book "Money: The Secrets from the Ones Who Have It", the author Gustavo Cerbasi says that the path to wealth depends much more on the decisions that people make in their daily lives than on the assets they can accumulate. Review your financial planning and make money work for you.

So, how can I make better financial decisions?

Our life is not determined by our conditions, but by our choices.

If you stop for a moment and think about your life a few years ago, you will remember one or two decisions that changed it considerably.

Looking at these choices, can you see how your life would be different if your decision were changed?

But let's look at the present now. What is the biggest decision you can make right now?

According to the author Tony Robbins, the most important decision is:

"Are you committed to being happy, whatever happens?"

"You will commit to enjoying life not only when everything is working the way you want, but also when everything is going against you, when there is injustice, when someone disrespects you, when you lose something or someone you love, or when no one seem to understand or like you."

This is the choice that can change everything in your life from now on. However, it is not enough to just say that you want to make this change a reality. You must get hold of that decision, do what it takes to make it happen.

In reality, everything is set on setting a limit today and saying: "No more suffering. I will live every day to the fullest and find energy at all times, including those I have no joy in, because life is too short to suffer."

Did you like this summary of the book "Unshakeable"?

We hope you enjoyed our summary and managed to gain your financial freedom by following the teachings of author Tony Robbins. Leave your opinion in the comments, your feedback is very important to us!

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