Vai Lá e Faz - Tiago Mattos

Vai Lá e Faz - Tiago Mattos

Remember a fantastic idea you had? Or the business that is stopped? Receive here the stimulus and the right strategies to make it happen!

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Did you know that the world is full of entrepreneurs who never started or people who had amazing ideas but never took off? Not to mention the fantastic deals that will never thrive because they don't get off the ground. Tiago Mattos got into this scenario in the book "Vai Lá e Faz", giving tips to leverage your results.

There is a consensus in society that entrepreneurship is difficult, that it is impossible to start from scratch if you are not privileged. Most people believe that it takes a history of wealth and great family success to undertake.

This summary is here to prove the opposite. According to the author, you can create a successful business from scratch with a simple step by step. In addition, you can also get your business out of stagnation if that is your case.

Got interested to learn more about this world? Stay with us in this reading!

About the book "Vai Lá e Faz"

"Vai Lá e Faz", a book by futurist Tiago Mattos has 320 pages and was published by Editora Belas Letras in 2017.

The work explains in detail what the Digital Revolution is and what the future of work should be like. In addition, this book gives you all the guidelines to get you started in the digital age and get your ideas straight from the paper.

About the author Tiago Mattos

Tiago Mattos was born in Porto Alegre in 1979. Since then he has built his career as an entrepreneur, educator, writer, and speaker.

In addition, he is one of Brazil's leading futurists. In 2017, he joined the faculty team at Singularity University (the world's leading futurism institution).

In 2010, Tiago was the opening speaker of TEDx Porto Alegre. Since then, he has been invited to corporate events and conferences and has lectured on the future in various countries of the world.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book is recommended for those who want to get ideas off the ground and take on the digital age. In this book, the author delivers tips and tools that can improve performance from a foolproof foundation: planning and organization.

Main ideas of the book "Vai Lá e Faz"

  • The naturalness of today is the absurdity of tomorrow;
  • The Digital Revolution opened doors for a new model of social consciousness;
  • In the future, no one (or everyone) will be entrepreneurial;
  • The challenges of digital entrepreneurship;
  • The seven steps of Go There and Do;
  • The possible utopia of entrepreneurship;

In this summary, we will present the three main points addressed by the author:

  1. "Today's naturalness is tomorrow's nonsense";
  2. "The future of companies";
  3. "The seven steps of Just Get it Done".

Download the "Vai Lá e Faz" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Vai Lá e Faz - Tiago Mattos

Overview: Today's naturalness is tomorrow's nonsense

To begin the work, Tiago Mattos starts with examples from the recent past. He recalls the time when society still lived daily with racism and slavery.

He also recalls the time when women did not have the right to vote and homosexuality was considered a disease.

Still in this recent past, he emphasizes the fact that South Africa suffered Apartheid, a regime of racial segregation implemented in 1948.

All of these past turns have a reason! Tiago Mattos states that today's truths have seen tomorrow's absurdities.

From this example, the author says that we live in a moment when insights emerge all the time, with the potential to implode truths in the blink of an eye.

So, he raises the question:

"Isn't it time to think about new possibilities?"

Thus, the author invites the reader to reflect on a new way of seeing the autonomy of the human being. This new look goes through entrepreneurship, management, and professional life.

He confesses that this invitation (to some) may sound absurd, but that he would rather be today's nonsense than tomorrow's nonsense.

Overview: The future of companies

Tiago Mattos states that:

"The Digital Revolution has made us awaken to a new consciousness at all levels of society."

This revolution affects employees and employers in a domino effect that will surely lead us to what may be "the most radical in the history of work". The author predicts that soon there will be no more companies.

Well, not like businesses are today. Tiago says that everyone will work as freelancers. In this scenario, everyone will be able to perform different activities, depending only on the interest and the law of the market.

Other author predictions include:

  • Degrees and titles will be fluid: you will be able to perform thousands of professional activities throughout your life;
  • It is the end of the professions (static condition);
  • It is the end of static businesses (instead, fluid working groups should emerge);
  • No more bosses or contractors;
  • Leaders will be circumstantial and rotating;
  • There will be no more (static) positions, but momentary functions;
  • All involved will be partners;
  • It is the end of static workdays;
  • The sense of competition must change;
  • People will be free to abandon projects (without complications with the law or any bureaucracy);
  • The system will be dynamic with more opportunities;
  • Total freedom to come and go;
  • Everyone can work on what makes themselves happy.

Although these predictions appear to be utopian, Tiago says this is already the current scenario in some environments.

Overview: The Seven Steps of Just Get it Done

According to Tiago Mattos, when someone discovers entrepreneurship, the natural way is to be inspired. Moreover, for him, it is the "Inspiration" that will arouse a wish, which in turn must accompany the potential entrepreneur for a long time.

During this period, thoughts begin to arise, such as "should I open a candy shop?" Or "what if I set up a coffee shop in the house?"

But what usually happens after that is a long time "go-no-go". And it is precisely at this moment that this book is important. To give you a north and the incentive to take initiative if you're feeling "lost".

Follow the step by step of the Entrepreneur's Journey below:

  1. Inspiration: It comes suddenly with a song, a movie, a conversation with a friend or after attending a lecture on entrepreneurship, for example;
  2. Will: It is the will to undertake, to do something great;
  3. Idea: This is when the idea for the business you have been wanting comes up. A t-shirt store, for example. At this point, aspects can be defined as "what will my collection look like?";
  4. Prototype / MVP: the idea already taken from the paper. That's when you fly your first t-shirt, a "test" t-shirt, with a fabric that's not yet definitive;
  5. Project: This is the time when the "test" was approved. You begin to operate your real shop, albeit without profit, in a small and informal way;
  6. Business: This is when your project effectively begins to make a profit!
  7. Company: Although profitable, your business will only become a company when it is already an autonomous and functional organization.

It is the transition from phase six to seven, that is, from a "Business" to a "Company" that many people have difficulty understanding.

In the view of Tiago Mattos, any business, however large and profitable, will only effectively become a business when its creator (the one who started back with the idea) can come out "behind the counter".

That is when the business can function alone, as an organized and autonomous organism, alive and independent of its creator.

"In other words, it's that moment when, if you die, a business doesn't die together."

What do other authors say about it?

In "Traction", the author Gino Wickman explores how successful entrepreneurs have an attractive and well-defined vision for their business. In addition, they know how to communicate this message to employees. From this, a guideline is created to be followed by everyone within the organization, always used to develop solutions and guide strategic actions.

In the book "Geração de Valor", the author Flávio Augusto shows his vision of enterprise and the world. In addition, it gives you tips to stand out from the crowd.

Finally, the book "Entrepreneurship" written by José Dornelas teaches how to design and develop your company from the idea to managing the new business, through tips from people who have undertaken and succeeded.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • We live in a moment when new ideas come up all the time, so be updated;
  • Look ahead: start thinking of new possibilities;
  • Don't be afraid of being revolutionary, after all, it is better to be "the absurdity of today" than "the absurdity of tomorrow";
  • Accompany the digital age: it has awakened us to a new consciousness at all levels of society;
  • The Digital Revolution is the most radical in the history of work, so update yourself and take advantage of every opportunity now;
  • If you want to undertake, get out of the go-no-go: go there and do it!
  • Follow the Seven Steps: Inspiration, Will, Idea, Prototype / MVP, Project, Business, and Company.

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