Venda Orientada por Marketing - Anselmo Lino Bispo

Venda Orientada por Marketing - Anselmo Lino Bispo

What do you do when fixed sales methods no longer work and the competition is turning fiercer? Learn with this summary how to adapt to the new sales world.

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Is there a difference between marketing and sales? After all, selling is a process that requires a lot of structure and time, but by adding the marketing vision, we can direct and improve, even more, the effectiveness of business planning. In other words, they are complementary and should not be separated.

Nowadays, the world belongs to salespeople who stretch and reach their audience through data, information, and knowledge. So keep in mind that being a good salesperson is not an innate characteristic, but rather knowledge to be learned and adapted over time.

In the book "Venda Orientada por Marketing" we will see how there is a point-focus throughout the reading. It underlies and defines many other areas such as the product, the business structure, the price, and many more.

Therefore, it is essential to know what this focus is and how we can understand it to better structure and make effective and continuous sales.

Want to know what this element is?

Then read on!

The book “Venda Orientada por Marketing

Its first edition was published in Brazil, in 2008. It contains the author's experiences in addition to great (inter)national books in the marketing area.

With eight chapters distributed over 96 pages, the book takes a simple and direct approach to the structures and the effectiveness of a sale.

In the book, we can find themes such as strategic and business plans, sales, endomarketing, and marketing.

Who is “Anselmo Lino Bispo”?

The author of this book has several degrees, ranging from “Science of Real Estate” to “Management of Human Resources”. Besides being the author, he is also a marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship instructor and an MBA specialist in Administration and Marketing from the Brazilian Open University.

Anselmo Bispo has years of experience as a consultant for Sebrae, Senac, Correios, and many other Brazilian large companies. He has participated in and implemented numerous professional qualification programs, helping more than 20,000 entrepreneurs, salespeople, and consultants.

To whom is this book indicated?

Whether you are just starting your study in marketing or already are a professional in the field, this book will give you an introductory foundation necessary to pursue an updated sales path.

The book brings a new bias to guide salespeople and entrepreneurs in this new century.

Main ideas of the book “Venda Orientada por Marketing”?

There are four crucial points for you to pay attention to during your reading:

  1. The various types of marketing and the planning behind a sale;
  2. The importance of a good business structure guided by the marketing vision;
  3. Different methods to sell a product, service, and even the professional himself;
  4. Endomarketing, is a powerful tool for customer loyalty.

How do we structure our marketing planning?

Based on the idea presented in the book, we need to know how to sell solutions and make this a customer-oriented sale, having your product and service as a solution. Therefore, he - the consumer - is the main factor for everything the company offers.

It seems obvious for customers to take such an important role because of the considerable change in the relationship between the two. We have, today, fierce competition with an enormous quantity of offers but for the same demand.

So all that remains for us to do is look at how we can plan strategies in two different types of marketing:

Relationship Marketing

Creating a relationship with the customer is the basis for the upcoming steps because this connection establishes the necessary information to start or improve your sales.

For this to happen, you must conduct satisfaction surveys, build a database, have an effective after-sales service, and much more. It is from these processes that your differential will be discovered. In the end, the effectiveness of the sale goes beyond your product, it involves the after-sales and extra services.

When you sell services, this is essential because, in this case, it relies mainly on the indication and reputation of the company.

Circumstantial Marketing

This type of marketing comes directly from consumption, which moves and influences people in many ways. Whether driven by pleasure or to cure anguish, your product and service must always respond to these problems to obtain relevance, that is, solve the existing problem!

With this in mind, it becomes easy to understand why the same product can have different values in different places or situations. As an example in the book, we have the water factor - in Brazil there isn't drinkable water from the sinks, so you must pay if you wish to have a bottle or a cup of water.

This situation is very common, different prices are put on the same water only because of the place and situation. So it all depends on the value assigned to the product by the circumstances of the customers involved.

Opportunity… ours to seize… ours to live… and ours to defend. Or otherwise – ultimately – ours to lose.” - Roberto Goizueta (former chairman of Coca-Cola)

How to elaborate a good strategic plan aligned with marketing?

First, it is necessary to know the famous 4 "Ps" and their new version.

We have the well-known: products, prices, points of sale, and promotions, mentioned in the book. They exist to answer the definition of the right product, to match its value with its relevance in the market, where to put it for sale, and, finally, to define its exposure to consumers.

Added to this are five more:

  1. People: customers, whether internal or external to the corporation, finally take an active position in viable decisions for profit;
  2. Post-sales: focusing not only on making one-time sales but continuous and lasting ones;
  3. Process: how it is carried out and executed throughout the company;
  4. Positioning: this relates to the company compared to its competitors. Is there a differential?
  5. Projection: is the act of programming from a plan and analyzing how the entire process of the company will occur, from production to sales.

With this, we have the basis to start a concrete plan, which reflects and defines the guidelines, policy, missions, and vision of the company. Aligning these ideas to answer the client's greatest pains.

So how can we then start to elaborate on this plan?

It is necessary to be aware of everything that helps and hinders the expansion of your services and products in the market. The book “Venda Orientada por Marketing” segments and analyzes primary topics that directly interfere in its realization:

  • Knowing the industry;
  • Understanding the consumer and supplier market;
  • Defining the product or service to be marketed;
  • Where (location) to set up the business;
  • How to use marketing effectively and efficiently;
  • Operational process;
  • Projection in the production and qualification and service;
  • Financial analysis.

Is Endomarketing important?

Although they are not often given credit for it, employees are potential customers of the company where they work. They generate a better understanding of the quality and defects of what is distributed on the market because these people have direct contact with the service or product.

It brings a better exposure within the corporation and outside as well, after all, they all have families that can become consumers. So this influences the company's income. Therefore, you should apply internal tests and know the satisfaction of employees who will approve or not the news before going to the public.

What are the different types of sales?


This term, although obsolete by many, is still practiced in abundance. However, as everything has changed with technology and the internet, so has it.

The new "telematics" is also responsible for several sales in Brazil and around the world. Still, more often than not they are used as a way of support rather than the principal vehicle from the sales perspective. However, an interesting part is the opportunity of feedback made by the telemarketing, bringing more information to the company's positioning.

Point of Sale

We know that physical places attract a lot of customers who, on impulse and because of the experience provided by the environment and the service, make purchases more quickly. Therefore, this part must be through in a way that reflects the company's entire vision alongside the public it wants to reach.

In this case, it is necessary to know the places your target audience goes to; different locations attract different customers. By keeping this in mind, it will be easy to conduct market research, analyzing the competition nearby and thus the best areas that will give good results.

Virtual Sales

This method provides cheaper costs and numerous facilities to reach a specific audience with more concrete data about them. Nowadays, this is indispensable for any business that wants to grow.

However, the Internet age has also allowed the dissipation of negative information very quickly, which must be well taken care of and managed by the company. So remember: use your marketing to the organization's advantage.

Today, we know the relevance that digital marketing provides to the sales team, so migrate to this platform that only has to add to the results at the end of the month. This tool is so complex and well-structured that it has its own sales funnel, which must be studied and analyzed carefully.

Selling the Professional

Selling a professional to a corporation is also important, it requires similar thinking to everything described thus far.   Each company has its own profile, so research to sell yourself to a specific company.

The task goes beyond describing what you have done in your career, but rather, a description of attitude and previous knowledge that can add to the internal and external culture of the business. After all, you will be the spreader of these values inside and outside of work.

Other books about marketing

Cristiane Thiel complements the ideas described so far and guides you through the step of discovering who your customer is with the book "Quem é seu Cliente".

For a more practical observation, we have the book "Be our Guest" written by the Disney Institute, which shows the backstage of this great company that focuses on its customers.

Finally, if you wish to know everything possible from the marketing perspective, read “Marketing 5.0” from Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan.

Como posso utilizar o conteúdo de “Venda Orientada por Marketing”?

In light of all the content described, we can see the complexity of selling a product or service today, but there are initial steps to help you develop your sales strategy.

  • Developing the "ps": which is, ultimately, finding an identity for the company, it will be much easier to discover when you research and develop these marketing issues. Find out who can be influenced by what you have to offer, and who already offers it.
  • Make a strategic plan: analyze each topic mentioned above, then you will find out if your idea is viable or not. It may not only refer to financial issues but practical ones as well.
  • Sales Briefing: organize an organizational chart with all the steps your customer will take to make a sale. How to contact them? How to offer the product or service?

A tip mentioned in the book is to use the help of collaborators, friends, and customers to point out three strong and three weak points of your product concerning the competition. The strategy will grant the opportunity to understand and modify your action plan.

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