Vender na Internet - Anderson Höfelmann

Vender na Internet - Anderson Höfelmann

The secrets have been revealed! Find out why your online store is selling poorly and learn how to circumvent bad results.

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Is your digital business not selling? Have you changed your sales strategy and it didn't work out? E-commerce has grown exponentially, becoming an increasingly suitable environment for you to invest in your business. Anderson Höfelmann gives precious tips to leverage your business through the book "Vender na Internet".

In fact, few can consecrate their entrepreneurship in the virtual world. But don't think that your time and your investment have been thrown away.

A lot of people have failed in this segment for lack of planning or for a more serious problem that many virtual entrepreneurs have overlooked: the customer view.

The solution to all these problems is simple: stay with us in this summary!

About the book "Vender na Internet"

"Vender na Internet" is a piece of work that gives you tips on how to get started in the digital world and make your business work.

Launched in 2018, Anderson Höfelmann seeks to show why his venture is not working on the Internet. The book consists of a dynamic read, with easy examples and practical suggestions, it has 200 pages.

About the author Anderson Höfelmann

Anderson Höfelmann is experienced and passionate about developing systems for the Internet. Its emphasis is on e-commerce.

Born in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Anderson has accumulated throughout his career experiences with sales, financial institutions, and virtual store implementations.

Today, he serves the business audience by providing the most diverse Internet solutions with its systems development company, Andersoft.

To whom is this book indicated?

This book is recommended for anyone who is not performing well in their digital enterprise. It is also aimed at anyone who wants to start their own internet business.

Main ideas of the book "Vender na Internet"

  • How to circumvent the challenges of virtual commerce;
  • How to have a successful digital venture;
  • State the consumer's point of view in an online sale.

Download the "Vender na Internet" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Vender na Internet - Anderson Höfelmann

Overview: Don't lie to yourself!

Self-assessment is crucial. When your business is not returning as expected, it is normal to ask yourself, "Where did I go wrong?"

You must open your eyes, judge your product critically and sincerely, to identify problems.

But make no mistake! As much as you may have spent a lot of time on your project, it is critical that you learn to eliminate errors and not live with them.

Put yourself in the consumer's shoes. When we look inside out, we identify flaws that went unnoticed inside. But for the customer, one detail makes all the difference!

In this way, you will notice that much of the problem comes from seeing who can buy your business. This will help you get to know your product better and know the best methods to convince the customer to buy it.

Overview: Never heard of your store

How to increase my store traffic? People will not access your site if you don't advertise!

Social networks are great mechanisms for you to produce content that catches the public's attention. In addition, you can discover people's interests, partner, and effectively target your product to who you want to sell.

Optimize your site. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique improves your position on search engines. After all, who doesn't want to appear on the first page of Google? Imagine then the first result? Here are some tips:

  • Use keywords;
  • Avoid long and complex URLs;
  • Make smart and catchy titles.

Before you want to sell your product, how about you create content that might appeal to your audience? Make posts related to tips and advantages that the person will have when buying your business.

Spend some of your time checking the amount of access to your store. You can do this through your website's server control panel, or via the Google Analytics tool.

Suit the digital world. Most consumers today access the internet through smartphones and tablets. The tip is to create a mobile version of your site.

Overview: Am I the best option?

Have you ever wondered if your product prices compete with the digital market? Do a search on the internet. Again, put yourself in the consumer's world.

But don't forget: Your business needs to be profitable. Sometimes giving up things that are not returning the expected is the best option.

If your product is very competitive, you can offer weekly or monthly discounts and discount coupons. When using this ruse, try to highlight the value that the customer will save, not the percentage. Avoid complexity.

Caution: If a promotion lasts too long, it will no longer be a promotion. When there is a rotation of promotions, consumers are encouraged to come back more often until they buy a product of real interest for a rewarding price.

Providing various forms of payment complicates the life of the shopper even less. Many entrepreneurs miss the opportunity to sell because they don't have options such as a credit/debit card or bank slip.

Overview: Sell much more than products

Sell products not only by selling them. Sell the idea of your product and the customer's achievement with it.

Emphasize the advantages. Seek a more persuasive approach. Connect with the reality of others. Based on these three aspects, you can adopt a differential strategy for your product:

  • Expectations: Price, product quality, and customer service are minimum conditions to enter the market;
  • Wishes: Strategically set a differential to attract your customers. Eg free shipping;
  • Unknown needs: Surprise the customer with an attitude that delights them. Such as delivered before the deadline.

Making the person feel safe buying on your site is positive for your business. Issue digital security certificate. Show that your business is real.

The customer feels safer when he reads reports from others who have been through the site and made a deal with you. Set aside space for customers to rate products and leave feedback.

In addition to selling consumer charms, you must offer something priceless: trust.

Overview: Please don't make me think!

All a customer wants, in between, when buying a product is for you to help them.

Selling an idea on the internet is no longer easy. Now, selling an idea you say nothing about is even harder!

Master the subject of your product: be thorough, enter all required specifications. Doubts may arise, so you must be willing to answer them.

Don't create a confusing platform full of useless information that will only hinder the customer buying process. Invest in simplification, practicality, and organization of the thing.

Make your buyer's life easier and thus avoid future regrets.

Overview: What if it goes wrong?

The biggest fear that people have when buying something over the internet is that they will regret it.

One of the setbacks a customer faces in an online store is the absence of a physical product at the time of purchase. And sometimes the product was not what he expected.

But you can decrease the chances of error by detailing the product specifications. In addition, an exchange policy can be established. That way, you guarantee a service that doesn't hurt customer morale.

Overview: Revise, improve and increment

It's like Anderson Höfelmann says:

"Nothing is so good that can't be improved."

Once you plan, build, launch your store on the digital platform and get your results, it's time for you to restart the cycle. Evaluate your site, identify problems, reduce errors, seek to improve customer service. And never forget: put yourself in the consumer's mind.

All this you can do periodically to improve the performance of your site and generate better results.

And always try to broaden your horizons. There is nothing that cannot be improved as there are no limits to knowledge.

Get in the habit of learning more about entrepreneurship and sales. The more you master the area you have invested to work, then the more certain it is likely to be.

All of these concepts are a set of practices and behaviors that you can absorb to succeed in your venture. Practice with strategy and wisdom and you will have the success you wish!

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "How to Sell When Nobody's Buying", the author Dave Lakhani advises: If you are not selling, try to improve your approach. In tough times, bad salespeople give up and open opportunities for the most creative and efficient salespeople.

Author of "Digital Business", Alan Pakes says sales are the cornerstones of any business. That's why you should also focus on winning over your customer and showing that you have the right solution for them by guiding them toward selling your product.

For Mitch Antony, in his book "Selling with Emotional Intelligence", skilled professional negotiators are able to find solutions in situations where other people only see obstacles. Your secret is to look beyond your own wants and needs and see the goals of your partners.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Don't forget to advertise your products. You can create social media content to promote your store;
  • Focus on customer loyalty and make buying easier;
  • Never stop being self-critical in a sensible way;
  • Get out of the box. Think like a consumer.

Don't waste time, don't be afraid; just aim for success!

Did you like this summary of the book "Vender na Internet"?

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