Virtual Freedom - Chris Ducker

Virtual Freedom - Chris Ducker

Learn here the best tips to be a visionary and a successful entrepreneur by seeing great opportunities, building possibilities, and developing your skills.

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How do you manage your time? How do you deal with emotions in your work environment? The main difficulties faced by leaders are the fatigue generated by personal and professional exhaustion. Chris Ducker presents solutions to management problems in the book "Virtual Freedom".

This book is a freedom manual. It will teach you the formula for success through practical, actionable tips that will change the way you view the world and the history of your organization.

Ready for the transformation? Stay with us in this summary and learn precious lessons to leverage your results!

About the book "Virtual Freedom"

"Virtual Freedom" was published in 2014 and features the tools you need to manage time, organize your business, and leverage talent around the world.

About the author Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and lead writer with tips that help entrepreneurs and leaders build sustainable and profitable businesses.

He manages more than two hundred virtual companies and always offers in his approaches unfailing business organization tips and financial independence.

To whom is this book indicated?

This work is recommended for leaders and business owners who want to learn how to manage their business and recover their business through virtual freedom.

Main ideas of the book "Virtual Freedom"

  • Virtual employees are people, not a program;
  • The leader must be the first person who needs to participate in virtual training;
  • The quality of work that the employee presents is proportional to past instruction;
  • Follow-up with the employee defines how quickly you succeed;
  • A true leader needs to learn to articulate ideas;
  • Building an effective virtual team requires time and skill;
  • Conquering virtual freedom expands knowledge and creates subsidies to improve the business;
  • The three main mistakes made by virtual management entrepreneurs are non-synchronization of employees, mismanagement, and micromanagement.

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[Book Summary] Virtual Freedom - Chris Ducker

Overview: Expanding Horizons

We are in the age of technology. And with that, we must understand that new tools need to be used if we really want to succeed in business. You can have a virtual team that works for you. Many are the doubts of entrepreneurs regarding this type of hiring.

While this well-trained group can multiply the growth of the organization, it must also understand that preparing and choosing this employee should be the responsibility of the company leader.

But for that, he needs to be aware of what this industry is all about and how to recruit the best candidates.

Understand that the virtual employee is not a superhero. This demystification process must be done so that there is no overload of time and, above all, of activity.

We know that the organization must be the cornerstone of any management.

So, Chris Ducker states that the first step to freedom is to know how to manage your ideas and think about the activities you want to break free and which employees will help you in this endeavor.

The book cites that after this necessary identification, the creation of three types of lists is critical. In these lists will be all the activities that should be performed, but divided into three wings:

  1. Functions you don't like to perform;
  2. Tasks you don't know how to do;
  3. Tasks you feel you should not be performing.

All of these topics are important.

However, Ducker explains that the last one deserves a good deal of attention, as it directly indicates poor management of employees, poor management of time, and lower-income and lower possibilities for market growth.

The recruitment of this team can be done through some options. Among them, we can mention:

  • Outsourcing companies;
  • Job sites;
  • Freelance market sites;
  • Virtual Recruitment Service.

Understand that these are not the only options. You can do your own recruiting through your virtual media and choose the candidate that best suits your necessities.

Overview: A heavy team

When selecting the team, it is time for training. For this training to be truly effective, you, as a leader, must understand that it is your responsibility to direct your group.

For this, three elements are fundamental:

  1. Establish the function performed;
  2. Set expectations;
  3. Train with clarity and precision.

The first element needs to be performed primarily in the form of questioning. Skills and experience should be taken into consideration.

Also, be careful when choosing another professional on your team who will be responsible for the dialogue with this new hire.

Setting expectations is a two-way street. You and your employee should combine and clarify any contract concerns. This extends from compensation to unwanted actions that lead to possible dismissal.

The third element is team training. The explanations must be extremely clear and precise. Precision and sincere dialogue trigger respect and loyalty between them.

Training people is not an easy task. Especially when these people are away from you. Training Trifecta points out three ways that make it easier to disseminate information more clearly, quickly, and efficiently. They are:

  1. Written instructions: Understand that email is still the most commonly used form in these approaches. But, that doesn't mean you can't know and acquire other ways to dialogue with your team. This platform, as well as a way to report everything you need, is an excellent software sharing tip;
  2. Audio recordings: If you choose this method, always remember to be clear with your information. Always score what you want and be aware of the size of the message, because the bigger they are, the greater the chances of losing information;
  3. Video recordings: We know that the human brain fixes a lot more if the visual is combined with the auditory. This approach more accurately removes likely questions and is considered a more fun method for both.

The management process requires, first of all, the self-control of the entrepreneur. This book calls "virtual vulture". This type of leader is one who lives as an employee spy, with an extremely abusive and suspicious relationship.

If you are such a manager, stop it now! This behavior is the gateway to your failure.

This can be explained by the growing sense of guilt (needing to outsource the service), discrediting (thinking that the employee will not be able to perform the proposed activities), and superhero syndrome (believing that you, leader, can solve everything by yourself).

Understand that people need the freedom to successfully perform their functions. Be confident.

Motivation is directly related not only to the healthy bond that must be created between you but also to the recognition of service through payment, compliance with agreements, and pre-established deadlines.

Overview: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the main hiring questions is whether this recruitment should be local or overseas. The book "Virtual Freedom" explains that adding a close team is better due to some factors:

  • Same time zone;
  • Having the same cultural mindset;
  • Greater ease of access;
  • Have the same understanding of customers and the leader.

If you really want to invest in foreign outsourcing, be aware of whether this hiring will affect the relationship with the public and whether this decision is being made with the desired costs or outcome in mind.

After these questions, it will be clear which is the most appropriate choice for your business. But when it comes to staff, how can I form virtual employee groups?

Well, understanding each other's functions is the first step. The study should be done by observing the individual and collective activity and how the best gathering of these people.

The main virtual functions are:

  • GVA (general virtual assistant);
  • Web developer;
  • Graphic design;
  • Marketing / SEO employee;
  • Content writer;
  • Audio / video editor;
  • Application Developer.

GVA can support the project manager role by joining two virtual activities. The web developer is responsible for developing the websites and providing design tools for the sake of the project.

Design and developers have a great partnership, as do SEO and the content creator, who in turn need to understand their business together and produce materials that are pleasing to the organization. If you found both roles in one employee, enjoy it.

Hiring an editor should be strictly based on previous work. It is a function that will make an easy link between the content producer and GVA.

Finally, the application developer who has functions similar to web design, but beyond the product configuration will be responsible for the performance and technical part of the project in question.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and achieve the freedom you want, you need to invest in online content and, above all, consistency.

For your subject to be considered good content you must have three main qualities: to have a concise message that solves problems and stimulates action.

Be aware of the type of content you produce. It should have an impact on the information consumer's life.

Creating consistent content requires not only a posting routine but creative and technical skills and experience are key requirements in this process.

Include originality in published content. Your stories and expertise should be printed digitally in your virtual business. This way, your content will make an impression, followed by a reaction and ultimately a transaction.

Overview: The time is now

After all the knowledge received from Chris Ducker, the time has come to put it into practice. Be aware of the four fundamentals of Virtual Freedom:

  • Virtual employees are people;
  • Put quality in your projects;
  • Hire employees for their assigned role and not for the project as a whole;
  • Super employees do not exist.

Set a schedule for setting up your team. Remember that every success has the organization as its main foundation.

It is important that you understand that however much training you and your team have, you will make mistakes. Error is part of professional maturity.

However, be aware of recurring errors, these hinder the organization and results of the team as a whole.

The three main mistakes made by virtual management entrepreneurs are non-synchronization of employees, mismanagement, and micromanagement.

All of these flawed acts refer to mismanagement.

These thoughts can be explained by the fact that the manager places all responsibilities in the hand of the visual contractor. Understand that like any employee he needs guidance.

Don't generalize your employees or be haughty enough to don't ask for support if you need to. What about micromanagement?

This is the other side of the coin. While some entrepreneurs give up virtual leadership and don't manage the team, others always seek information about the proposed activities.

We know that their participation in the team's life is essential, but this excessive behavior will only generate friction and diminish the outcome between them. The author explains that outsourcing must be something conscious.

We have learned that it brings virtual freedom, but doing so in a disorderly manner can increase team size and focus.

Don't get the misconception that outsourcing is synonymous with cheap labor. Of course, this choice is economical and advantageous, however, don't devalue the service of the virtual employee.

A well-functioning business needs communication. A virtual team too. Investing in platforms that help contact is a great way to manage a group. Understand that effective communication requires more than technology, it requires sensitivity.

Be aware of your employee's culture, especially if he or she is from abroad, pursue plausible dialogue and strengthen the team bond. After these tips, the distance between you will not make much difference.

What do other authors say about it?

Heidi K. Gardner's book "Smart Collaboration" underscores the importance of cultivating smart collaboration with your employees. Thus, we have a team of great professionals aligned to expand their horizons, innovate, work in teams and win customer loyalty.

Luiz Guimarães's book "Innovate or Die" introduces a proposal that seeks to modernize and innovate companies to adapt them to the digital age, focusing mainly on customers. The work brings reflections that help to better understand the changes and their causes, besides stating that it is not necessary to be a startup to innovate.

Finally, in the book "How to Thrive in the Digital Age", Tom Chatfield reflects on the modern technologies that are increasingly inserted in your daily lives. He also reflects on how we can bring our human side through all this information.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Learn to communicate properly about the work you want to delegate. A prepared team requires efficient dialogue;
  • Hiring a virtual employee is a process. Giving him a chance is the only way to know if the choice was right;
  • Get offers from freelancers and rates. It's no use advertising service if you don't have the patience to meet the demand;
  • Be aware of the candidate's personality. The convergence of thoughts makes all the difference;
  • Be aware of how customer service is being done. Be aware of your virtual employee gives suggestions for problems presented;
  • Exemplify the desired job. The virtual employee needs clear information for an efficient project to be carried out;
  • The reward goes hand in hand with motivation. Be aware of the payment of your employees;
  • Encourage team members to talk to each other. Stimulate the collectivity;
  • Outsource services, but never your understanding. You can hire a team of assistants. But the expert is you.

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